CarX Street Mod Apk

NameCarX Street Mod Apk
Last updateFew Seconds Ago
Size1.2 GB
DeveloperCarX Technologies.
Mod InformationUnlimited Money, Unlocked everything
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About CarX Street Mod Apk.

CarX Street Mod Apk is a spectacular game which can be played without the internet. This game was developed by CarX Technologies and has been kept regularly updated to give their users new features and an improved gameplay. It is and open-world racing game with different racing tracks for players to improve their skills. 

Play this game get in your car and explore the city. Drive in crowded streets, hills and highways. The graphics and audio effects are also very realistic which makes it unique and different from other racing games. It also has some crazy features like, Drift racing mode, Time attack mode, and also story mode.

But if you don’t want to earn money by winning races and completing objectives you can simply download the mod version of the game. CarX street Mod Apk also comes with the modified version of this game so you can download it from anywhere on the internet and play it directly on your phone.

It gives the players an inspiring gaming experience with its difficult missions, dynamic weather effects, and street racing culture which will make the players fully-immerse in the game for hours.

carx street mod apk

What is CarX Street Apk?

CarX Street Apk is a mobile racing game which allows the player to immerse themselves in street racing using their mobile devices or tablets. Realistic physics and controls of the game provides an real racing experience.

Gamers can choose different cars, each with its own unique quality and its performance abilities. It offers various gaming modes for the gamers to enjoy. 

  • Quick Racing is a in-game mode which allows the player to quickly jum into an exciting and quick race. It allows you to choose a car and a track where you will face other Ai opponents. This mode is perfect for those who wants to enjoy it with an instant race.
  • Campaign mode: In this mode the players have to face challenging missions and tasks. The player have to complete those missions and tasks such as winning races, completing objectives. As the players make progress in the game they will unlock new features , earn rewards, and many other things..   
  • Multiplayer mode: In this mode players can compete against the real opponents from around the world. It allows them to race with each other and show their driving skills.

The original version of CarX Street Mod Apk is available on playstore. Download and enjoy this amazing racing game.

carx street mod

What is CarX Street Mod Apk? 

CarX Street Mod Apk is a game where you will have acces over all the features and you will get unlimited money in order to unlock premium features. The modified version of the game consist of fantastic additional features which can be unlocked with the help of money.

Everything is free so you can unlock them whenever you want. All the gamers who wants to complete the game without efforts they can download the CarX Street Mod Apk and enjoy it.

carx street mod apk unlimited money

Features of CarX Street Mod Apk?


It gives you the realistic and fantastic racing experience with your supercars. It has variety of unique supercars for the players to race. You can freely customize your cars and add new features to your vehicles. You have to earn money by completing races and objectives on first place.

You can buy cars to make your own collection. You can alss find cars in hidden points on the map  or unlock them in rewards or gifts. Download this fantastic game rightnow and enjoy it. 

carx street mod apk unlocked all cars

Multiple Supercars.

CarX Street Mod is an online racing game which lets you to play with your favorite supercars. More than 200 vehicles available for you to drive. Even if it’s a sports car which give you excitement than this game is best for you.

From Ferrari to Buggati our mod gives you the access of all the supercars for free. The game has stunning graphics designed by NextGen Gaming that looks stunning on any device.

Stunning races around the globe.

Its the best racing game ever with an amazing real time 3D street car racing game which lets you to drive your vehicles on some of the difficult tracks in the game. Race against other gamers from all around the world and earn money to upgrade and customize your vehicles. 

You can pick your vehicle from different cars like Buggati Veyron, Ford GT, Skyline GTR, and many other vehicles. The race tracks are based on real locations like Dubai, Miami, or Sydney. 

Customized your vehicles.

You can customize your cars in the CarX Street Mod Apk. You can change the color of your cars, give your car a name. Change the number plates of your cars. Customize your cars tires and rims give them a paint job and make them look unique.

There are variety of cars in the game that you can use to race. Some unique cars can only be unlocked by completing special events. Alternative games are CarX Drift Racing 2 Mod Apk, Cafe Racer Mod Apk.

Realistic physics.

The cars physics in the game is so cool becase it makes you feel like you are driving a real car. Jumping from a high point in this game will make you feel like the track is pulling your vehicle to it. Controls are specially optimized for the drifting and racing gamers and you can also adjust the controls from the settings.

Engines sound are also so realistic. The grip of cars on the tracks is so amazing so if you drift a car or your vehicle is in fast speed it wont run down the track if you have the grip over controls. Have fun while drifting on the tracks.

Mod Features.

Unlocked all cars.

In the regular version of the game you will be given only ne while the start of the game and you have to begin your carrier from that car. You have to earn money and coins in order to unlock a higher level car. As you progress through the game it will be difficult for you to defeat your opponents with the slow car, You have to earn money and unliock a faster car in order to beat them.

But in CarX Street Mod Apk Unlock All Cars are already unlocked and you can use them for free. You can begin your racing carrier with supercar and leave your rivals far behind. All the supercars and the premium cars are unlocked n the modded version of the game so you can use anyone of them. Play this game and have fun.

Unlimited Money.

The orignal version of the game provides you a samll amount of money to buy a vehicle and start your journey. You have to earn money by winning races and completing objectives. You have to earn money to upgrade your cars and customize them to give your vehicles a stunning look.

But CarX Street Mod Apk Unlimited Money provides you unlimited moeny so you don’t have to worry about the money. You can unlock everything buy every single car and add it to your collection.

Upgrade your car to its maximum level and customize them to make them look unique. Gice this game a try im sure that you will have a blast while playing this game.

No Ads.

Th modded version of the game does not allows the ads in the game bcasue the ads are very irritating for the gamers. You can enjoy this game without any ads and interruptions. That is why the mod versions are played all over the world.

Follow these steps to download and install CarX Street Mod Apk.

  • Download the file from
  • Turn onthe option of “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your Android device.
  • Open the downloaded file and select the file to install it.
  • Give some time to install the game completely and then enjoy the game.

Download Carx Street Mod Apk Unlimited Money for Android.

CarX Street Mod Apk is a fabulous game with realistic graphics and audio effects. The game offers different cars collection from where you can chose. You can also customize your vehicles with premium features and modification parts.

The creators of the game have made this game very easy and smooth to play. The controls of this game are easy to learn and its a perfect game for people of all ages. Also you don’t have to pay for anything beacuse its free of cost and you can download it from playstore or ove the internet


CarX Street Mod Apk is a modified version of the original apk you can download the mod apk from our website

Some files contains harmful viruses and malware. However, if you use trusted platform you will never face anything like that.

Yes, anyone who have android device can play this game. The setting and requirements are totally adjusted just for Android gamers.