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Cooking Fever
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About Cooking Fever

Discover the most renowned cooking game via the platform on mobile when Michelle joins you on her culinary journey. Beginning with your first confectionery restaurant, serve your customers delightful and tasty treats. You can satisfy the sweet cravings of everyone and invest time in improving your recipe. Grow your business with more restaurants that feature various designs.

Cooking Fever

Discover everything you require to know about the incredible game when we take the time to go in our evaluations. Cooking Fever is one of the most effective time management games with the theme of cooking that gives gamers thrilling challenges while they cook different dishes using a wide range of ingredients and recipes.  While playing, additional recipes and cuisines are revealed, and we will be waiting for you to master and be the most skilled chef you can be.


The player is paired with a dedicated cook on her way to building a successful food empire. Players of all ages are sure to appreciate Cooking Fever’s simple gameplay, and its popularity makes it enjoyable over a prolonged period. In this game, players take on the role of chefs who prepare and serve traditional fast-food meals.

Beginning with a single establishment and gaining more about cooking, you can take your chance to open new eateries. Try different varieties of cuisine and enjoy enjoying your most loved occupation. But, the more unique recipes and specialties created in time will boost sales and increase their knowledge in the highly competitive food market.

Cooking Fever

Create a restaurant that is decorated the way you would like, and then enhance the restaurant with modern features that will draw new customers. Learn how to cook by exploring more than 500 recipes. You will learn to cook well and improvise your favorite dishes for a fresh take.

In addition to the standard food items that chefs prepare to serve customers and their guests, the game also includes different exciting and intriguing features that can make the game more challenging and offer gamers a variety of choices for entertainment. 

In case you need more confidence about what to cook, Don’t fret. This game introduces players to a cooking simulation that lets you discover, experiment, and even have fun making meals.


You’ll discover all the exciting features this game offers:

Learn about the most valuable and essential ingredients.

To start your career in cooking, Cooking Fever is a great game to start. Cooking Fever will have the opportunity to master everything they have to know about the ingredients. Discover more than 200 kinds of foods by knowing their tastes, functions and the best methods to use these items. Enhance your culinary skills by spending time with Cooking Fever. The gameplay is simple as the player has to take a couple of easy steps to provide the customer with a delicious dinner.

Cooking Fever

Almost everything can be automated, making it more straightforward for customers to work on multiple tasks and improve the overall quality of food. The players must communicate with every dish ingredient while waiting for specific components to be prepared and added to the queue following the food requirements. Additionally, they can serve additional food items like beverages or sides, for customers. The game aims to fulfill each order quickly and is an excellent opportunity to test your concentration and speed.

Keep track of new recipes and store the recipes in your notes.

Furthermore, with the game, you’ll also be presented with a range of recipes for cooking. Access the top recipes directly from some of the most renowned cooks. Try cooking over 500 recipes using the provided ingredients. You can enjoy a wonderful meal by experimenting with new recipes.

Addictive time-management gameplay

Cooking Fever

Through Cooking Fever, players are additionally introduced to a thrilling game of time management where players can estimate the duration of time with care. Please get your customers to sit down and keep them from staying too long. You will be addicted to this epic cooking game and begin building your successful businesses.

Find new places while you discover the technique of cooking.

One of the great things to know about Cooking Fever is that the game allows players to access huge maps that enable them to navigate several places. The player can improve the interior of the restaurant and its amenities to ensure that patrons are comfortable and entertained during their sit-down. The interior design is simple and easy to understand, and customers can improve their statistics of customer satisfaction by upgrading different elements of their information. 

In particular, customers will be willing to wait longer to receive the service, offer more generous tips, and present experienced players with impressive gifts. The players must begin from scratch every time they start an entirely new establishment to build a whole chain of restaurants, as their design for their new establishment is different. 

Restaurants in the City – begin with dominating the city with all the restaurants open. Discover the best fast food options with the ability to create your personal Fast Food Court. Offer confectionery at your Bakery. Discover Chinese culture at a Chinese restaurant. Prepare the food Indian way in the form of an Indian restaurant.

Sometimes, going out to grab a Pizza in a Pizzeria would be an excellent option. Choose your preferred seafood at The Seafood Bistro. Get a cup of morning coffee at the Breakfast Cafe. Discover more about Japanese food in The Sushi Restaurant. Then, you can taste the finest food in the Gourmet Restaurant.

Paradise Islands Restaurants, With the city in the background, you’ll have the opportunity to explore these beautiful islands. Beginning with the Ice Cream Bar, move towards Paradise Cocktail Bar. Enjoy some American tradition by bringing the Corn Dog Van.

Get a taste of freshly prepared Cafe Mexicana. Find out more about the seafood industry in House of Crab. Enjoy baking Sunset Waffles. Experience food from the Asian street food scene with the Thai Food Stall. You can also go Western by visiting the Sandwich Shop. Finally, let’s drink in the Sirtaki Taverna.

Alpine Mountain Restaurants – travel to your dream location and open your business within the breathtaking snow mountains. Enjoy the views while eating delicious food at the Smokey Grill barbecue. Get Italian cuisine in the hills. Get green and go to the Salad bar. Get a cup of delicious coffee in Michelle’s Cafe. You can also taste sweets with Michelle’s Confectionery.


The gameplay is simple. It lets players try at various eateries and also learn about the excitement of becoming a chef. Participants will be tested on their ability to focus and adjust in varying ways throughout the restaurants. When they meet the minimum requirements and requirements, players gain access to more eating options and can begin the work and exploration stages that comprise the sport. Every restaurant offers a unique food preparation approach and uses its impressive selection of flavorful, fresh and fresh ingredients. So, each restaurant is an exciting challenge, increasing tension and enjoyment.

Enjoy the most rewarding levels.

It introduces players to more than 900 thrilling levels that you can play. If you visit different places, you’ll also be given an opportunity to play all the different gameplay choices this game provides. In addition, you’ll have the ability to select the right difficulty depending on your experience level. Finish your story and win rewards.

Update your kitchen appliances and make your restaurant more attractive.

Take your time playing the deep-dive kitchen management game, learning how to enhance your kitchen’s appliances and beautify your restaurant. You can unlock more cooking tools and attract more customers to your establishment. Utilize your creative and aesthetic abilities to use and design your restaurant the way you want it.

Cooking Fever

The kitchen should be well-equipped and crucial for chefs looking to boost restaurant profit margins. It is fortunate that the game comes with an upgraded system which allows players to improve the value of their primary materials, as well as the speed at that they are processed, as well as the range of diverse kinds of equipment’s that are available.

The other upgrade system available for every restaurant type gives depth and variety to the game and ensures that the players always have new information to discover. Sometimes, the game provides the player with an abundance of interesting material, to the extent that it will dramatically impact the performance if the equipment is well-equipped. 

Play for free

The game is available for all Android users to play. That means you’ll quickly download and install it on your device. If you’re patient enough, advertisements and purchases in the app won’t be too much of an issue.

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Enjoy the entire and rewarding game by playing with our mods.

For those seeking to boost their gaming experience, we’ve something to help. Install the Cooking Fever Mod APK file on your mobile devices for unlimited gameplay and the ability to purchase in-game items. Find anything you’d like to and grow your chain of restaurants up to the maximum. You will not have to pay anything for this.

Audio and visual quality


Learn about the straightforward and fascinating graphics of Cooking Fever as you’re introduced to every aspect of managing a restaurant. Make delicious food and then swoon over the realistic food items. The precise cook’s techniques also give you the impression of being an actual chef at an elite restaurant.


You can enjoy peaceful, rewarding gaming playing Cooking Fever as well as playing beautiful soundtracks as well as music that is themed.

Download Cooking Fever Mod latest 18.0.1 Android APK.

If you’re a cook, there are better opportunities than Cooking Fever to discover your latest recipe for cooking. It’s also the perfect game to learn how to manage a restaurant. Offer your customers your top dishes, and be sure that they’ll be back to you for further excellent services.

Furthermore, thanks to our modified version, this game will be open and available for anyone to enjoy. Enjoy everything you desire without paying anything.