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Cooking Madness
NameCooking Madness
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About Cooking Madness

If Cooking and its art attracts you, there’s no doubt that this brand new game by Girl Games – Cooking Games is an excellent casual cooking game for your smartphone. Take a look at the fun and easy gameplay of Cooking which allows players to experience the thrilling experience to the max.

Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness is a cooking game in which players prepare food for guests that appear in front of their eyes, and travel across various locations. Each level is a challenge that players must meet at a higher level of levels of difficulty. While doing so it is possible to use the money you earned to purchase more essential items. Explore the latest culinary manias with your best chef as you try to aid him with one of the most exciting and intriguing Cooking challenges.

Explore the kitchen’s three phases of restaurant service by cooking and preparing food on your own. Receive the order from your customers and then serve it to them with your own hands. With many jobs that need to be completed, Android gamers in Cooking Madness will certainly be captivated by games that offer an in-game experience.

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In the game, Android gamers will be playing the role of a professional chef on a quest to test the world of food by tackling a myriad of amazing cook-offs.  Complete the dishes and serving duties while preparing food items, taking requests, cooking, and serving it all on your own. With hundreds of new and many customers, you’ll have to be a whiz to finish the tasks.

In Cooking Madness, you’ll have options to participate in the biggest cooking contests across various locations, with different recipes that are unique to the areas. You will be cooking for a variety of customers who each have preferences and requirements. Make sure you serve your most tasty meals on plates, and provide the customers with the best you can offer.

Cooking Madness

Make money from your dedication projects and add multiple improvements to your kit. You can complete a number of challenging tasks and complete many challenges. The thrilling game of the arcade and its engaging content will be awe-inspiring to all Android gamers intrigued.


These are the most amazing options that the game has to provide:

Experience the exciting and fast-paced playing field of Cooking.

If you’re fascinated by the fun gameplay of cooking on the go, You can experience this exciting and addicting game called Cooking Madness. Enjoy the thrilling experiences in Cooking Madness as you dash between restaurants, making many meals using various items and ingredients.

Cooking Madness

Discover the hectic atmosphere at your dining establishments during peak times and enjoy Cooking using your amazing strategies and time management skills. Enjoy Cooking Madness’s thrilling experience as you tap as fast as you can to move up through the game. Get orders quickly, make dishes, prepare them, and then serve them to your customers. Make quick and efficient combination meals to win certain bonus points. Cooking Madness will certainly simulate how a whole lot of strain is felt with inside the kitchen throughout rush instances of a hectic restaurant. This time around, it’s your turn who will be able to take part in these addictive, challenging, and thrilling games.

A fun and engaging game, the culinary craze

Also, Android gamers in Cooking Madness are now accessing the game’s exciting gameplay of food fads when you cook and travel to numerous restaurants. Each one has its unique dishes to serve players to start with. Prepare yourself for challenges as you host guests from new locations and participate in diverse kitchen settings. The most renowned chef can enhance his abilities in the kitchen in a myriad of thrilling ways.

Cooking Madness

Find your way to the finish line and progress to different areas.

At the same time, when you attempt to finish each of the various quests and levels within Cooking Madness, the awesome game on mobile offers thrilling new locations to explore.  In this area, you’ll be able to begin playing an exciting and thrilling game that involves cooking, with new goals and challenges that require the best of your abilities.  So that the game remains interesting and thrilling, in every zone, the game becomes more challenging by increasing the level of difficulty. Making it more enjoyable and engaging for players from any level.

Discover how to prepare numerous different types of food.

If you like sharing delicious food, Cooking Madness will also provide you with its amazing cooking recipes offering hundreds of options that you can choose from and serve to your customers.  Explore the various maps, and discover the exciting game of the cooking simulator when you are attempting to cook various foods in the proper order.

Cooking Madness

Numerous upgrades and level-ups are available for you to play.

When you’re progressing through Cooking Madness, you can begin to explore the incredible upgrade options and level-ups included in the game, giving you a boost for your kitchen and cookability.  Get better cookware with unlockable slots. Make and chop items much faster using modern appliances. Use the latest technology that will boost your cooking time and make it easy to cook delicious food that can be served. Take on your next challenge, update your kitchen, improve your abilities, and eventually become the popular Mad Chef in Cooking Madness.

Explore a myriad of fascinating Cooking Madness levels.

To make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers in Cooking Madness can now play various exciting levels of casual tapping gameplay. To fully guide you through adventures and challenges, Cooking Madness has already introduced hundreds of exciting challenges for gamers of all levels to experience on their smartphones, should they manage to finish those previously completed.  You can tap as insane and efficiently deliver meals to your customers in your quest to progress through the game.

Get amazing rewards for completing challenging missions and achievements.

If you’re keen on gaining greater rewards from playing, you can play in the fun game mode that includes tasks and achievements that will be yours to play with. Explore all the Cooking challenges that are endless as well as missions that offer a variety of gameplay. Completion of all challenges, and you’ll earn a variety of unique rewards which aren’t offered in other games.

New and exciting content is everywhere to look forward to.

If you are a dedicated player in Cooking Madness, you can ensure you will bring new content to you on time. With each update, players can experience different game modes, new adventures, challenges, and new updates, but, most importantly, exciting time-limit challenges that can surely enhance your game experience. Explore all of the latest content and enjoy some great reward points.


Android gamers in Cooking Madness can also take advantage of their portable mobile game to make the game more exciting. You can enjoy the fun activities in Cooking Madness with completely offline gameplay. So, you don’t need to activate mobile data outdoors.

Play for free

Even with all the amazing gameplay features in the game, it remains free for all Android gamers to download with their devices on the go, and no purchase is needed. You can find this game easily in Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to shell out any money. There are some unique games for you, Driving School 2016 and Modern Warships.

You can earn unlimited funds by using our method.

For those who are curious, Android gamers in Cooking Madness can now avail the chance to play the completely unlocked game on our website. The game can be played with unlimited money, an ad-free experience, and access over all features. The only thing you need to do is for users to download Cooking Madness Mod APK on our site. Follow the instructions before you can begin playing the game.

Sound and Visual quality


In addition to delicious and enjoyable visually-rich experiences, Cooking Madness offers easy and fun gameplay to players of any age. Participate in exciting game challenges, and experience simple tapping within Cooking Madness. Enjoy the amazing cartoon illustrations that make food look more appealing.

Sound & Music

To keep the game more exciting, Android gamers in Cooking Madness can now fully engage in the excitement of cooking with stunning music. Enjoy the game with precise sounds and recordings when you cook and serve your food. Playing with music will also keep you relaxed and energized throughout the game.

The final reflections

For people who are fascinated by the fun gameplay of cooking Cooking Fever, Cooking Diary, as well as a couple of other fantastic games, Cooking Madness has the ingredients to get onto the top of the list. Today, Android gamers will be able to participate in another thrilling game of Cooking. In addition, the free and unlimited games on our website will surely surprise you with their fun and satisfying experience.