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Dead Target
NameDead Target
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About Dead Target

Grab your gun and join fellow shooters in this epic shooter challenge, where the goal is to defeat as many zombies with your impressive shooting skills as possible! Experience the thrilling 3D shooter game as exciting shooting contests unfold – unlock a range of guns for use and upgrade them with advanced features for this most potent 3D shooter experience; discover what can be accomplished through an exciting zombie shooting test; take on yourself to become the top zombie shooter!

Combat with thousands of online players worldwide in this thrilling shooter as you join forces to stop ever-increasing zombie numbers from overrunning our world and fighting back with life to preserve humanity! Be alert in this captivating and challenging shooter; pick your weapon now to join this battle of survival for humankind against zombies that threaten its very existence! Ensure innocent lives are safeguarded while working for justice! Your support helps create peace around us all; let your support create global harmony!

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Dead Target


The action occurred in 2040 following World War II’s devastation on Earth. Lives were irrevocably altered as its unpredictable scale changed lives across the planet; fear and terror gripped citizens as they sought shelter at home; nations began sending weapons of destruction against one another as fighting escalated between countries; walls were constructed around nation borders to shield inhabitants from threats; yet these walls only add fuel to an already volatile situation, leading to further turmoil and destruction – it remains up to individuals alone who must fight in this war against all odds to survive despite it all and try to survive; their efforts must continue even during battle amidst chaos and devastation if war breaks out again;

As a result, their borders become so volatile that only specific individuals dare enter death zones. Yet unaware, their nation’s warfare has unleashed an infectious virus that quickly devours any survivors remaining and spreads throughout the continent. Within months all populations had been extinct, leaving nothing but desolation behind, eventually spreading further and spreading over globally.

Humanity has come together in its fight against zombies to avoid the destruction of mankind and has joined together against them, hoping they’re powerful enough to stand against these attacks from the deadliest zombies. Will humanity succeed against their deadly and powerful assaults? You have an essential decision to make; join millions of online gamers as you battle in epic shooter challenges alongside your fellow gamers to save mankind!

Are you up to taking up this challenge and taking up arms against zombies to save mankind and become part of humanity’s battle to prove who the boss truly is? Install the game to join millions of online gamers in saving humanity against these unformidable powerful zombie attacks! Be part of humanity’s battle and show zombies who the boss is!

Dead Target


You’ll discover the most exciting features this game has to include:

Shoot your way through the zombie apocalypse in the most challenging shooting game.

Are You Up for an Ultimate Shooting Challenge? Lose, and all life on Earth will be lost to zombies! Arm yourself and get prepared before vast waves of zombies arrive at you; use their power against them using precise shooting abilities; stay aware throughout the day to defeat these revolting foes; stay highly efficient to become victorious over them and become the Hero you always envisioned yourself to be; Show Your Worth in helping protect our world against these dangers – Good luck.

Dead Target

Experience powerful weapons that have special abilities.

Players of Dead Target may use various weapons with unique powers and stats to fight zombies effectively, each equipped with its own set of special abilities. Such variety makes these weapons invaluable when facing off against various foes; players can upgrade weapons they already use by adding improvements that boost effectiveness or speed of fire; additionally, they have access to special skills like poison gas or energy shield to defend them against hoards of undead enemies.

Discover yourself buying different types of guns with different ranges and firing capabilities, such as firearms for assault, sniping weapons, and rocket launcher use – as well as using upgrade options so your weapon matches perfectly with how you’d like it. Learn to customize and master it for optimal success in battle.

Dead Target

Many zombies, each with special powers to test your abilities

Dead Target introduces players to an intricate zombie system where you will battle every type of undead creature that roams across various dimensions and forms of undeath. Take on different varieties of undead in various dimensions and forms with unique powers and abilities that must be handled appropriately; be mindful to note they often spawn in deserted cities as well as forests where zombies roam free – quickly-thinking players must come up with inventive solutions to defeat their adversaries!

As you advance to higher levels, the odds increase significantly as more difficult zombies infected with viruses swarm your way. Take on one or several zombies while running for safety in an arena setting – arm yourself accordingly and utilize various strategies against these enemies – stay vigilant and courageous when shooting through crowds of dead, as your nation’s security lies with you alone!

At its heart lies an experience in which massive bosses with impressive and engaging abilities that go far beyond any zombie’s reach will challenge you, forcing you to remain strong against their attacks and well-prepared against any possible assaults from them.

Incredible boosts can alter the course of the fight.

Not only can gamers benefit from powerful weaponry, but they can also take advantage of various enhancements that will significantly hone their skills. From increasing damage or accuracy or firing rate to unique boosts that change the direction of combat when competing with others – such as items, quests, or simply unlocking them through gameplay; gamers could sign up their odds at victory and victory within any game.

Complete multiple tasks to eliminate the zombies and win awesome rewards.

Dead Target provides gamers with thrilling adventures designed to collect valuable and exciting objects in Dead Target. It offers thrilling adventures where players choose their weapons to face challenging problems and battle monsters to increase experience points and advance in ranks. You may unlock cool guns or other items on your quest while unlocking more to progress further along your journey. Plus, Dead Target features some crazy achievements which offer even greater loot rewards!

Many different games offer completely original gameplay

Dead Target provides gamers access to captivating maps that offer different gameplay. Here, players will battle zombies within tight structures or large battlegrounds; or may find themselves surrounded by hundreds of them – something this title provides plenty of.

Use your terrain and select effective strategies to fight zombies, targeting them with precision shots from your arsenal and unlocking powerful rockets to blast away these foul beasts in midair. Take advantage of your environment as an essential shield or escape path; always remain prepared if a zombie appears; never underestimate them, and keep an eye out.

Enjoy the game without an internet connection.

Play it anytime without an Internet connection and fully utilize its portability! When connected, all game progress will instantly sync up online for immediate storage and sharing with all other players online. This game was designed to be intuitive, making it accessible for anyone without prior information or expertise and the ideal way to pass the time or challenge one another. Plus, it comes equipped with various customization features so you can tailor it specifically to meet your needs while making gameplay fun and challenging!

Take on online gamers to intense match-ups on leaderboard shooters.

This thrilling online zombie shooting game undoubtedly offers gamers an exciting online multiplayer gaming experience where gamers compete against one another to save the Earth from being devoured by zombies. Join forces in protecting our world against destruction!

Challenge other online players from around the globe in this leaderboard shooter game and compare your stats against them for an opportunity to secure entry to the Hall of Fame. Find friends playing by linking social accounts; be proud to boast about your successes together!

Play for free

Google Play makes Dead Target readily available, enabling you to install it onto any mobile device you choose without incurring an installation cost or purchasing in-app items. Although these purchases might seem disruptive initially, if you invest enough time, you will find these purchases more rewarding as all compensated gamers receive equal treatment in this competitive gaming community. These are the awesome shooting games Zooba, The Walking Zombie 2.

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But if you need more time to complete smaller missions, installing Dead Target Mod APK may be your perfect solution. We have unlocked Dead Target so you can access every ability, make purchases without spending real money, enjoy free gaming experiences, etc. Just download our APK file and follow our installation guide instructions!

Audio and visual quality


Dead Target boasts stunning graphics and animations for mobile games, making an experience comparable to console-grade zombie shooting on your mobile devices! Use explosive shots against enemy soldiers while admiring stunning visual effects like never before – real-life blood spillage and breathtaking lighting effects await!

Dead Target comes equipped with variable graphics features for lower-end gadgets, enabling players to adjust graphics quality according to device specs and enjoy a smoother gaming experience.


Dead Target provides gamers with one of the most captivating mobile shooting games ever! Thanks to its engaging shooting effects and dynamic visuals, Dead Target presents gamers with one of the most gripping shooter experiences.

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Fans of classic shooter games will undoubtedly find this game captivating, taking up the challenge of defeating zombies on this thrilling journey!