Dead Trigger

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About Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is an action-based game that blends survival and a stunning Zombie theme. The game is interactive role-playing which makes you one of the only ones that can live amid the outbreak. Participants must remain fighting and help other survivors.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger provides players with a unique experience with simple yet entertaining gameplay. People who enjoy living in a world of zombies, attempting to survive and fight the zombies, will enjoy the game. If you love action games, role-playing and adventure Dead Trigger is an excellent choice you must play.


Dead Trigger is a game that has a storyline that is fictional that was released in 2012. As science advanced and it carried out special tests. Failure of these individual experiments led to an all-encompassing disaster. An anti-zombie military group and a military alliance were formed under the designation of No Hope. But, due to the constant advancement and growth of Zombie varieties, No Hope quickly failed and fell into disarray.

Dead Trigger

In the case of playing as a participant in the organization No Hope, you will be a part of the demise and demise of the group, and you will be fortunate enough to survive the ravages of zombies. The character sought contact with groups against zombies worldwide to create a new alliance to make it more powerful.

The result was forming an anti-Zombie group known as The Hideout with talented members. What will The Hideout be able to stop and eradicate undead, or will they take the path of No Hope’s vehicle? What happens to people who belong to the group? The answers will be revealed inside Dead Trigger.

Operating System


In Dead Trigger, two players are expected to be among the six members of The Hideout organization. The Hideout has six members, including one Engineer, Medic Tech, Gunsmith, Smuggler, and our main protagonist, a Gunman.

In the role of a Gunman main task of the player of Dead Trigger is rescuing trapped individuals, dismantling giant mutant Zombies, and acquiring items and resources that the company needs.

Dead Trigger

The character’s manipulation of the nature of Dead Trigger is straightforward. Through the auto-hitting or shooting feature when moving towards the object, the user’s primary task is to move and direct the shot to complete the mission.

If the automated mechanism seems too easy, then, for instance, in Dead Trigger, different levels will demand you to master marksmanship. The levels require players to be able to aim and shoot their shots.

Items belonging to the principal character

What is what’s in the back pocket of a gunman in the zombie age? The inventory of the main character of the game Dead Trigger includes two guns that can be changed and used according to the circumstances, weapons for melee, grenades, and other medical things to treat.

Weapons in Dead Trigger

When playing Dead Trigger, the players can acquire a weapon via the game or join ingredients of the crafting recipe into a complete gun. Once they have gathered enough information about the recipe, players may visit a Gunsmith and ask him to create the weapon according to the recipe.

Dead Trigger

The guns included in the game could be upgraded in Gunsmith’s shop to make them more durable, flexible, and robust. Players can upgrade the Gunsmith’s booth to enhance their capabilities and create more authentic weapons.

Each weapon, apart from melee weapons, has an ammo limit. Players can gather additional bullets on the game’s screen by removing Zombies from the shooter’s barrels that show up randomly and then appear on the game’s screen. The number of ammunition will also be restricted.

Support for combat items

The weapon set for support comprises grenades and health, the same things Medic and Engineers can offer players. Players must gather crafting materials like weapons and bring them to medical professionals or engineers. Therefore, they can make support products and research.

Dead Trigger

Additionally, players can upgrade Medic or Engineer booths to aid them in constructing and reading more substantial items. Apart from blood vessels, players could upgrade their equipment to improve the level of health the blood vessels offer.

It also comes with a unique accessory item called the buff card. This card can provide players with impressive stats and will help increase the chances of survival by doubling the amount of health and speed of movement, increasing the amount of money received, and so on. Additionally, we can buy these bonuses for players at a stall run by a black-market owner (Smuggler).

You can play various modes in Dead Trigger.

Dead Trigger has two primary game modes available in Dead Trigger:

The story mode allows players to follow events through the adventure to discover and create The Hideout organization. The players will traverse all regions of the globe and participate in many battles to wipe out the undead. A variety of levels of gaming all over the world will provide gamers with a thrilling adventure.

Extraordinary levels will be randomly shown on the map at locations in the continent players have unlocked. In each group, you will have three options of missions. The participants can select among three distinct kinds of tasks to be completed. These tasks involve refueling and collecting objects, protecting from the undead, eliminating them in numbers, defending the targets, etc. Three difficulty levels are available, comprising regular, easy, and difficult.

The stage of the arena in Dead Trigger

In Dead Trigger, the arena will test players’ wit, creativity, and survival skills. In this arena, players are placed in a small campus filled with traps, homes, and ammunition boxes filled with things to take out Zombies. Zombies turn on and off at random with increasing numbers and will become more challenging.

The players must survive the battle and defeat and eliminate Zombies to earn points. The arena will close after Zombie wins over the player. The player will be counted as points they made to an overall rating for the match.

Other attributes: Tech – Technology Genius

The last persona, Tech (technology researcher), is the most exciting aspect. Researchers are a passion for us to study and create. Thus, by advancing the research team, users can learn many things to improve technologies for all different areas.

Apart from the capacity to create Tech and other technologies, another skill can be developed. The players can also purchase ornamental items in Tech’s stand to make their foundation more radiant and attractive.

Sound and Graphics

Dead Trigger has background music that is a fast and vibrant contemporary design that boosts the excitement of the game. The sounds used that are used in the game are authentic. The sounds of melee weapon attacks, gunshots, and the cries and screams of zombies are authentic and vibrant. They provide gamers with the intense feeling that comes with each fight.

Graphically, Dead Trigger still owns the same bloody and vibrant sound as before, but with little or no improvement over Engine Unity, which was its predecessor. But Engine Unity still shows flawless authenticity for smartphones. Dead Trigger also has many new maps that help make the game more enjoyable for gamers.

Graphics are the game’s main feature, with crisp and vibrant graphics. Dead Trigger provides players with a fantastic feeling like they’re fighting zombies. Different weapons and diverse ways to defeat zombies make this game even more exciting. Traveling across various countries helps the game players avoid becoming monotonous.

Overall Assessment

Similar to other zombie shooting titles, Dead Trigger still has basic gameplay; however, it’s no less thrilling and exciting. If you’re a newcomer to this game for their first experience, Dead Trigger’s style of play is simple to master within a brief duration.

The controller system is the one that is suitable for mobile FPS games that comes with an automatic aim-and-shoot mode that’s activated at the beginning. In this mode, gamers can swiftly change between long-range firearms, such as guns, to melee weapons by hitting the button in the middle of the display.

In addition to the auto point-and-shoot feature, Dead Trigger adds various other game modes, including how the game’s screen appears using gunsight. In this mode, players can play as a gunner while protecting the survivors of the zombie pandemic.

The model’s distinctive feature is its ability to steer through the air to hit the target more precisely. The game modes are revealed directly from the images while installing the game. The player must eliminate all of the zombies in the villages by flying via an aircraft. Due to the aircraft’s rapid and constant motion, this is a difficult task that is not for those who dream.

To make it more enjoyable for this game, which is often dull, Dead Trigger has added several super-zombie types. They have unique and challenging attributes, which include:

– The strongest Rampager that has an incredibly flexible body

” Kamikaze with a terrified body that is constantly carrying an explosives-filled barrel

Radioactive scientist. Originally an atomic scientist who could immediately drain blood from a player in the event of being surrounded by the effects of radiation

— Vomitron can vomit bloody bags onto your loved one

The game is based on Panzer, an actual super zombie that can result in the player wasting much of their ammunition.

Players must use explosives such as drums or weapons like grenades to defeat them.

Another change in the tactical approach of Dead Trigger is the inclusion of characters that provide medical equipment, or even auxiliary guns, for instance. However, it is a fantastic way to amuse gamers from Madfinger.

Players are likely to be disgruntled when the difficulty increases multiple times, and many spend money to increase the speed of play. You can pay for upgrade fees in exchange for gold (G) items that are apparent only once the player has climbed up. The other disadvantage is the time required to upgrade or craft tools in Dead Trigger is long-lasting for many hours. There is only one way to invest cash for faster performance: to spend it.

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