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About Dragon City

Are you a dragon fan and are fascinated by these incredible creatures? If so, you’ll be awed by this game of dragons at Social Point. It is possible to choose among a range of types of dragons to breed and then learn how to train them. You could become the best proficient dragon trainer within Dragon City.

Dragon City

This game lets you manage all the floating islands. You’ll get access to Dragons that fly and have a powerful power there. Find the species that is rare. Learn to train your dragons at your discretion, provide them with their favorite food and create amazing dragons.

Dragon City will be at your fingertips when you play with Dragon City Mobile. The game lets you have a variety of animals that are attractive and powerful. You can raise, collect, and breed them from diverse sources. The goal of becoming the best Dragon Master on the planet is the goal you’ll be able to achieve with this virtual game. For that, you can mobilize your team and form alliances to go against each other in international tournaments.

Meet other players on the internet across the globe as you build your team. You can take on dragon masters and friends to earn fame. You can earn multiple loot by completing missions, challenges, etc.

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The game introduces players to an amazing experience of dragons that lets them play many games and play with their favorite dragons. You’ll be in charge of a whole floating island that houses your dragons in their homes. Be sure to create various areas so that every Dragon will have a suitable spot to live in.

Furthermore, you’ll have to provide food and other items that will help you support and grow your dragons. Can be accomplished through the use of farms and production structures. Dragons must also be trained to compete with other creatures in fights. Therefore, it’s essential to have a practice facility. Explore all types of simulation alternatives as you explore Dragon City.

Dragon City

The game features various dragons from all types, environments, and habitats. You’ll get to experience the universe of dragons. And since each one has special abilities that are based on natural elements. You must create a proper group to win combats against your fantastic dragons. Fuel them with food until they are old enough or breed new species, and so on.


You’ll discover every exciting feature that can be found in the game:

Finish The Dragon Book and become the legend of Dragon City.

Become the first person to complete the Dragon Book. With over 1000 distinct dragon breeds and an expanding amount of new ones, It’s challenging for any Dragon Master.

However, you must begin expanding and growing your Dragon City size first. Make sure your Dragon has a new home to allow the new species to be able to settle. The new species will bring new chances to have breeding success among your dragons. Therefore, you could find new dragons in their Dragon City.

Furthermore, you’ll be required to meet the huge demand for foodstuffs and other products. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade your island before you can add new dragons to it. If you don’t, you’ll be unable to rear the dragons properly.

Dragon City

Every week, new dragons are discovered.

It also releases new dragons each week to create a world of dragons within Dragon City even more diverse. In addition, you will have access to the latest breeds at various times, like breeding occasions, brand new evolutionary events and unlocking unique habitats, and many more.

Customize your dragons with a range of skins.

You can groom your dragons to make them appear more stylish. So, your island will be one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Offer your dragons a variety of Dragon Skins to alter their looks, in addition to gaining unique effects when fighting. You must be successful at special events to ensure you can unlock these amazing skins.

You can enjoy the exciting game offline and online

Spending time exploring the vast Dragon City world in offline tasks is possible. Explore each of the fantastic locations of Dragon City and complete all types of Dragon Quests for cash prizes. In addition, You can also compete against other Dragon Masters in the exciting PvP Arenas. You can put your best dragons to the test against your adversaries. Let them fight in a fierce brawl to determine the most powerful. Take on the top players and rise the leaderboards to gain incredible fame and fortune.


Additionally, there are numerous other options for the breeding process or breeding dragons. The combination of Fire Dragon, Nature, Purity, and Legend is a good concept. It’s not just that, and Dragon City Mobile has numerous other features to investigate. When you’ve found your preferred breed, it is time to go into a difficult training adventure that promises to provide memorable memories.

Your mental children with respect since they are very loving compared to their dry appearance. You’re the only one who takes care of them daily by providing them food and drinking water. In addition, you are the one who is in a state of sickness, and you become a doctor that treats them and diagnoses their ailments. In addition, it is an opportunity to be a teacher and instruct them on how to fight against the foe whenever necessary.

Dragon City

Find out about the various kinds of dragons on the Tree of Life.

Additionally, players within Dragon City can learn about diverse dragons, even ones they do not have, using the Tree of Life. You can summon all sorts of dragons of different dimensions, abilities, and levels to test your skills against the others. Select the top dragons to be able to include in your group. However, remember that it’s just testing, and you must take the dragon home to test the power of its pips.

Get your dragons going by acquiring great orbs.

A great way to increase the strength of your dragons is to provide them with incredible Orbs. It can be very effective if your dragons are evolving to the latest version and need help to increase their strength quickly. Give your Dragon specific Orbs that align with their natural aspects, and you’ll see that your dragons do exceptionally in battles.


Gems are one thing every player would like to have in the maximum amount possible. That is why, aside from the Dragon Island you’ve been accustomed to earlier, the game introduced the gem island using the most up-to-date version. The gem island is rich in gems to mine and increases your collection anytime. But, to acquire the valuable object, it is necessary to complete the requirements in the game. Offers especially to players.

Explore the latest gaming technology in Dragon City. Dragon City

In addition to the basic game, players in Dragon City are also introduced to the legendary game styles from Ancient World and Guardian Dragons. However, you must be a powerful and famous Dragon Master before participating in these challenging games.

Play exciting and fun games online with millions of gamers.

It also has engaging activities, which allow you to take part whenever and with anyone you like on the internet in Dragon City. In addition, players can join or form alliances with fellow online players.

You can freely interact with the other players, exchange orbs, and collect valuable ones from equipping your dragons. Most importantly, participate in Alliance Gift Events and collect amazing Alliance Chests to let you reveal amazing loot.

Dragon City

Take advantage of cross-platform gaming.

Last but not least, the gamers of Dragon City are also allowed to play their favorite mobile game using their personal computer or laptop. So, you can take your dragons wherever you go when immersed in this thrilling cross-platform game.

It is free to play

It is available for free on Android to play on their mobile devices. This means you can play the game on your phone without paying. The experience can, however, be affected by purchasing products. Also, check out these games available for free Extreme Car Driving Simulator, Dead Effect 2

Get some awesome MODS in our game.

 Download and install Dragon City MOD APK to your mobile devices. This way, you will get everything unlocked and ready to play. It is your right to take on the title of the World’s Most Stunning Dragon Master with the knowledge that there’s no barrier getting in the way.

Sound and image quality


The game is filled with gorgeous dragons which are designed. Every Dragon has a distinct appearance and unique evolution that will impress players. Additionally, the surroundings on the floating island create the game to appear extremely realistic. You’ll be living out your fantasy. And the incredible battle effects of these incredible creatures will please you.


Through powerful and immersive sound sensations, Dragon City introduces gamers to a different level of enjoyment. Combined with the high-quality dynamic and precision, fantastic sound effects combined make everything feel real and enjoyable.

Final words

If you’re looking to experience the exciting and amazing gameplay of Dragon City and its features as well, this game is developed by Social point. Let’s take advantage of your amazing journey to the max by combining a wide range of thrilling adventures.