Dragon mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends
NameDragon Mania Legends
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About Dragon Mania Legends

Are you prepared to be the best dragon trainer? Dragon Mania Legends opens a fresh adventure into the world of dragons, located on a hidden island. Once you enter the world of dragons, you will meet numerous dragons and take them home and breed them in order for growth. In addition, you are also able to take your baby dragons to the school to develop their abilities and develop magical abilities.

Dragon Mania Legends

Dragon Mania Legends is a unique simulation game that lets players breed, raise and develop adorable dragons into powerful warriors. You will then engage in battles of epic proportions for the return of the home. When you join Dragon Mania Legends, players can transform dragons into warriors in order to restore and further expand the magical world of Dragolandia.

Your goal is to improve and prepare the dragons so that they can be ready for epic comebacks. Make dragon islands and raise cute dragons who will eventually become strong warriors. You can then fight wicked Vikings and restore their home. This exciting game of simulation gamers will take on the role of the Dragon Lord who is in charge of all of the land. You will also meet hundreds of unique and interesting dragons.

When you start playing the game, the introduction will explain the game’s content as well as how you can participate in the game with an attractive Arya girl. In the beginning, you’ll have two dragons as well as two habitats. This is the Fire Dragon Alex who lives in Fire Habitat and the Wind Dragon living at Wind Habitat.

In addition to the breeding and teaching of dragons, it is also necessary to rescue Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, who is known as a dragon specialist. The Vikings are able to kidnap the expert. The dragon trainer will help you in creating dragons, and prepare for battle. Through the assistance of Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, players can restore Dragon Academy. Dragon Academy to teach the dragon’s numerous new skills.

General Information

Dragon Mania Legends is one of the top dragon breeding simulator games available on both mobile devices. Players can take care of their dragons and create new dragons in order to develop to become a formidable warrior. Dragon Mania Legends is one of the most played online pet games of the moment.

With stunning graphics as well as engaging management gameplay Alongside stunning graphics and interesting management gameplay, the game offers an appealing feature to gamers. It’s the ability to breed dragons. What is more exciting than incubating tiny eggs in the hope that they will create cute and pretty dragons? But, in order to breed completely new kinds of dragons takes time and effort into the researcher’s work.

Dragon Mania Legends

Most important is creating a magnificent dragon kingdom that includes a variety of new stunning dragon species. When you’re creating dragons in training, let loose Dragon Fury, visit and offer presents to Dragolandia players all over creating a vibrant space for the special residents of your island of dragons. 

With the MOD APK version players will be able to experience dragon breeding through feeding, cuddling and even training their skills daily. In addition, the players must find and discover all the dragons in their kingdom by learning a new combat system unmatched. Train your young dragons to master special techniques, travel the world of over 100 fascinating spots, and battle several opponents for special rewards.


Your journey takes place on an island that is remote and filled with secrets that have since been kept secret for years. This is where you will be given with Dragon Mania Legends along with a variety of bizarre decorative aids to let you transform the city. The city will become the playground for the dragons you have and include school, training camps as well as supermarkets. Join us as the city mayor and unleash your love to design and build within this city of virtual reality!


Dragons aren’t large, however it has been equipped according to the magical model, with outstanding skills for fighting rare monsters on the island that is deserted. Combining dragons and the magic system produces stunning and appealing scenes during fights. The skills you learn will allow you to improve the power of the dragon like decimal elemental magic and combining a variety of species and elements are extremely powerful. 


Once everything is in place to go, you can declare war against various creatures to establish your authority and win the power of sovereignty. Every dragon is a legendary warrior , with unique traits and powerful feelings. They fight to defend their fellow players and your homeland. You can form alliances from various armies in a single unit that will increase your power to aid you in achieving the most effective place to train on Dragon Mania Legends.

Dragon Mania Legends

Once the dragons have grown enough, allow them to participate in battles with dragons and earn bonus points. Every battle is going to involve dragons from both sides. Each team sends three dragons; you can choose which dragons you want to use for your squad. The way to enter a match is using the quest bar or going into the area of battle on those islands, where nodes are.

It is important to note that your dragon will drain a certain amount of energy each time your dragon fight’s his energy will be exhausted. It is not possible to continue fighting for a while. You must be patient for the energy tank to be filled up. Each 15 minutes, the energy device will get filled. If you’d like to accelerate the process, utilize the cash to purchase.

While you wait there are plenty of different interesting tasks. A dragon represents an element of nature, such as wind, water, fire, or earth. There will be dragons who have dual abilities in the case of breeding. Additionally, if you take on dragons who are the biggest threat they will award you plenty of experience points. The combat system within Dragon Mania Legends is simple.

In the course of battle, when it is the dragon’s turn to strike, an elemental symbol of the dragon appears. Simply hold it and move it towards the opposite side of your opponent’s dragon. Dragon Mania Legends is an enjoyable, easy-to-learn managing game that is suitable for younger players. The game incorporates many of the most traditional elements from a casual game. This means that players will be able to grasp. Even though the gameplay of Dragon Mania Legends is not novel, it’s something worth trying.


The model can be expanded and increase the number of children that live in virtual reality through searching for and collecting diverse breeds from around the globe. We can take on the challenge of choosing an appropriate mating. The advantages of males as well as females will clearly be reflected in the baby born. So, your collection of dragons has unique characteristics that are not able to be duplicated.

Dragon Mania Legends

Because of that, regardless of how challenging or baffling you confront an adversary There will always be an individual to take on the challenge. The items you acquire to build your city, creating eggs and breeding them to breed legendary dragons. Additionally, you are able to plant plants and care for dragons in order to aid your army to grow. Expanding the area of your town is crucial.


In order to increase the power of your troops You can help the troops through little actions which happen every day. If it’s time to take a bath, take care of them or cook. Give them affection since your dragon is amazing and it is a genuine gesture from its owner. Additionally, Dragon Mania Legends allows the user to bring their pet to school and enroll them in classes to develop their skills so that they’re fully trained and as scientifically as they can be. 


The unique journey will transport you and an entire army of dragons as they travel to nearby islands with other endangered creatures. Join them for an unforgettable adventure across a variety of lands ascending mountains of awe with the skills they’ve acquired. It’s a chance to let them open their minds, expand their knowledge, practice what they’ve acquired, and spend time with friends and siblings after the long, stressful hours of school. Dragon Mania Legends promises to deliver unique experiences to the city of dreams.

Dragon Mania Legends

Graphic Designs and Sound Effects

Dragon Mania Legends brings cute images of cute wild dragons. It includes a variety of islands that have different climates including foggy land, tropical rain or snow as well as desert. Every land is different in color, that creates harmony between the heavens and on the earth. The combat scenes allow the dragons to shine in every luster. They express their uniqueness by using dazzling actions.

The sounds that are featured in Dragon Mania Legends is the blend of whispering waves, birds singing , and flute sound to form an enthralling image. It demonstrates the range of the various activities in the game through the sounds of wings flying and the sound of roaring. Background music is the fairytale genre and gives us an interesting experience. Here are some amazing games Gt Racing 2, Drift Max Pro

Final Words

Dragon Mania Legends is a Simulation game for development and construction. It is a combination of the capability to create a formidable army, take part in intense combat, and take on terrifying monsters. Complete quests to find the legendary dragons, and gather many gold coins and things to improve the city rapidly.

Dragon Mania Legends has a basic background. If you play this game, it’ll provide you with the task to create a magnificent world ruled by a dragon army. The world of this game is vibrant. It will include around 100 varieties of dragons that have beautiful shapes and unique skills.