Driving school 2016

Driving School 2016
NameDriving School 2016
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About Driving School 2016

Racers will likely enjoy a refreshing game with no racing in Driving School in 2016. It’s back to basics, and you’ll get educated on the basics of driving concepts. You’ll be able to ride on various roads and take a ride into any of the many automobiles in this thrilling game by Ovidiu Pop. Find out the unique driving experience in Driving School 2016.

Driving School 2016

 The turning and drifting aren’t the primary subject matter. You’ll instead be exposed to the most extreme driving eds that will allow you to learn several crucial abilities and skills for driving.

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Driving School 2016 allows Android players to play the most engaging driving simulator games you’ve played on the platform for mobile devices. Learn about the ways to drive that could be utilized in different types of vehicles such as buses, trucks and automobiles.

Driving School 2016

With well-designed and detailed driver simulator mechanics, users can understand the entire process of driving automobiles. Assist before the auto transmission; you will take the wheel like a professional. You can travel to various places, including the highway and trails, deserts, mountains, tropical jungles, etc.

Featuring multiple levels for gamers to enjoy, Driving School 2016 is your best game to enjoy and learn driving on the mobile-based platform.


This page will provide all the thrilling features in the game to offer:

Get real-life experience and authentic vehicle handling

First, gamers in Driving School 2016 will find themselves in an extremely realistic set of car handling. The players licensed to drive will certainly feel like they’re returning to the classroom. If you have no experience in driving but are curious about playing this sport, it’s an ideal opportunity to get some knowledge with the basic driving concepts.

Driving School 2016

With seamless and real-life vehicle handling, The Driving School lets you experience a real-world practice driver on the roads. You can learn to drive an automatic transmission car. You can also learn to control the steering wheel, gas pedal correctly, etc. It lets you experience driving most engagingly using a clutch or stick shift.

Additionally, you’ll find the interior exceptionally designed, adding to the sense of awe.

Get driving licenses for several vehicles.

While you study to drive at Driving School 2016, the game has numerous licenses you can acquire at the end of your course. Get the privilege to travel in normal automobiles, buses, and trucks. In addition, this game comes with many different types of cars that fit into three categories. Three different categories. Hence, you can easily select and test your favorite ride on the street.

Driving School 2016

Take on online gamers and compete in incredible leaderboards.

Connecting the game to your Facebook account is also an option to ensure that you can stalk the gamers playing. Look up their achievements as well as their stats so that you can boast about them. It also has Online Leaderboards where you can analyze your results at every stage with players across the globe. Do your best to climb the mountain of fame.

Driving School 2016

Multiple maps to will take you to different places

The game provides players with over 10 intricate maps featuring unique landscapes and terrains. Explore a range of areas across the United States when you learn how to drive through unique locations.

Improve your driving skills and get up to the highest levels

Allowing players to become more proficient and skilled in their driving skills also takes them to more than 50 levels of challenge where you’ll be driving different cars on various levels. Every stage will be more difficult than the one before, and more difficult, you’ll be faced with many real difficulties with Driving School 2016.

Different driving options to choose from

Furthermore, this game includes a thrilling free ride mode and Multiplayer mode for those who have been through challenging levels or want to explore something completely new.

Through free Ride mode, players have the freedom to explore the many roads that are randomly created. Explore the roads or trails, climb mountains, and many more while enjoying the breathtaking scenery and stunning landscapes.

Multiplayer mode is a great way to get tested on your abilities and what you are capable of against world-class players around the world. You can challenge players online or even your buddies with exciting competitions there. Join online players from around the globe in randomly-generated maps.

Gaming that is responsive and interactive

Android players who play Driving School 2016 will find that they can enjoy the real-life racing experience that isn’t always found in other racing titles. However, this game has a realistic damage system, making every scratch you leave on your vehicle more realistic. Be cautious with driving, as a few mistakes on the gas pump could seriously harm your vehicle and even end up crashing out of the race.

In addition, it is also possible to find games’ in-game settings and weather conditions very engaging. Therefore, you’ll notice that your vehicles are less efficient in the streets during rain. Also, if your road has numerous obstacles, it is important to be cautious, as there are numerous things you can strike.

All-inclusive achievements and challenges

In addition to the primary gaming experience, Driving School 2016 also provides players with fun accomplishments and challenges that players can take time to complete and earn great reward points. Select from a variety of challenges to test your abilities and skills. Driving School 2017, Demolition Derby 3

Play the game even without internet access. Internet

To introduce gamers to enjoyable and enjoyable experiences. Driving School 2016 allows you to play the game without connecting to the Internet. The game is in your mobile, as you can use your mobile to take it wherever and whenever you’d like. Enjoy the best game on the go with your mobile gadgets.

Enjoy the game using your favorite languages.

Furthermore, students participating in Driving School 2016 can also play their preferred game using their preferred language. Choose most popular languages like, English, German, Spanish and many more,

Convenient and intuitive control

The operation of cars can be slightly complicated due to the numerous buttons and sticks. However, the designers of Ovidiu Pop have done a fantastic job of creating control mechanisms. Ultimately, you’ll get comfortable with the easy tilt steering, the virtual buttons, and the touchscreen steering wheel. Based on your personal experience, you can select the ideal style of driving. If you’d like to play with a physical gamepad, the game includes a physical gamepads feature and allows players to play the game more easily.

Don’t lose any progress during Driving School in 2016

Another advantage of having your social profile connected to your game account is the progress is automatically uploaded to the Internet. The next time you sign in on an alternative device then your game data is available to retrieve.

Play for free

Its exciting capabilities make it free for Android players to play. Download the game easily from Google Play Store. Google Play Store without having to shell out any money. Additionally, playing it will surely please you.

Get unlimited cash with our new Mod.

If you want to purchase unlimited purchases within the game or get rid of those annoying ads, it is possible to look at our altered versions. Download and install the Driving School 2015 Mod Apk on mobile devices and begin to enjoy its functions.

Audio and visual quality


Driving School 2016 lets gamers experience stunning 3D animations, environments, and gorgeous automobiles. The difference from other titles is evident when you look around the real-life interior.

But playing is extremely easy because you can play on lower-end gadgets. Additionally, it has an adjustable graphic quality settings that can give you the smoothest and most enjoyable gameplay.


With the breathtaking images and realistic gameplay, players playing Driving School 2016 are also exposed to realistic audio sensations. You will be able to enjoy the epic engine sound, the powerful impact, collisions, immersive settings, and more.

Final Thoughts

The fans of racing to look for some fresh and exciting gameplay are sure to be able to find Driving School 2016 interesting as it opens up the most innovative gameplay ever before. Enjoying driving various vehicles, you’ll obtain multiple permits while becoming a competent driver on the track. Play alongside millions of other players in a relaxing match-up multiplayer.