Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator
NameExtreme Car Driving Simulator
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DeveloperAxesInMotion Racing

About Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Fans of cars will enjoy this new game by AxesInMotion Racing intriguing since it allows players to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of driving. This means that in the extreme driving simulator for cars, players can take the opportunity to take the wheel of some of the most sought-after cars. If you’re looking to emulate automobiles using the help of technology for physics and be a part of fierce car racing, turn to Extreme Car Driving Simulator. It is a stunning racing game that is loved all over the globe. Participants can expect to enjoy engaging and thrilling races using modern racecars. Please find out more about this amazing game as we look at it with our comprehensive reviews.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator


Players can choose to get inside various vehicles and enjoy a variety of driving experiences. Enjoy the game’s driving simulations and learn more about the latest vehicles.

In Extreme Car Driving Simulator, the players can play drift, drive, and feel the true sensations of driving in different vehicles. Experience the speed and fury of a driver as you explore the huge map open to the city the game provides. Do illegal actions and get the cops following your vehicle. Get new vehicles, improve custom options, and be the King of the Street. Compete against your friends and opponents to win the leaderboards. Test yourself by performing crazy stunts and driving out of this world.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator


This page will provide all the thrilling features this game has to offer:

Easy controls, but need some time to learn to master

To make the game easy for beginners, developers AxesInMotion Racing have given this game a straightforward, however full controls configuration. This means that players can access the entirety of the driving choices, including turning, changing gears, and not be bothered by the control system that is new to the game. Controls. It’s a seamless and pleasurable experience for veterans and new players alike. Players can master aspects of playing and not feel overwhelmed gradually. Game controls are straightforward to grasp.

On top of that, you’ll also find the control setup quite flexible and adjustable. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with your current controls, you can shift to a different design steering style, new equipment, and much more.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Finally, although you may discover the controls to be straightforward, it’ll take time to get at ease with the various choices. Spend time and master the handling of the Extreme Car Driving Simulator.

Enjoy the precise Physics.

Additionally, this game has precise mechanics only found in the most advanced gaming consoles. However, for gamers searching for a realistic simulation of driving, Extreme Car Driving Simulator is a good option. Get yourself involved in the authentic and engaging driving experience. Do amazing stunts with precise mechanics. Enjoy the excitement of driving in a realistic environment as you take your driving skills to the highest level. Experience realistic audio and graphics elevates this game to the next dimension. Become the world’s most efficient driver.

Play different games with your vehicles.

To give gamers the best experience possible, Extreme Car Driving Simulator has multiple game modes.

Mode of play: The mode is free; the players can discover the vast city without cars blocking their path. Travel to varied locations all around the cities and look for hidden loot. It will be awe-inspiring by the number of items that are hidden on the streets. You must complete missions and objectives to increase your rank and gain access to new items. Challenge your abilities and test yourself to attain greater difficulty and rewards. Experience the joy of exploring without worrying about limitations or borders.

Checkpoint Mode If you want to participate in races, Extreme Car Driving Simulator provides a checkpoint feature that allows you to compete in races based on your expectations. You must pass the checkpoint before the clock to keep your place on the track. It is also possible to take on a time trial that lets you compete against time and attempt to beat your personal best. In addition, you can use the free-ride mode, in which you can travel the globe and ride through the world on your own time.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Traffic mode is for those who want to enjoy the most authentic and realistic driving scenarios. Traffic mode offers streets populated with various cars and additional traffic signs. In case you would prefer to avoid seeing the police following you around and chasing you around, make sure to comply with the traffic rules promptly. This program is intended to offer the user a real-life driving experience that includes real-time traffic and capability to follow traffic laws. Before transferring it into real reality, you can test your driving abilities and improve your confidence in the virtual world.

Achievements and challenges that are complete to unlock the latest vehicles

The Extreme Car Driving Simulator developers have added hundreds of stunning cars to the game because playing will be much more enjoyable with the variety of available vehicles available to test. In addition, it is possible to pick vehicles from various classes and put them in your garage. Ride and experience the best with your dream cars. Also, if you’d like to customize your car and add certain modifications, you can create it to enhance its charm. It is also possible to alter the colors of your cars and include additional features to give them a greater performance. Also, there are numerous tracks and different terrains to explore. It makes the sport enjoyable and exciting for those who play.

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

A massive open-world environment

And as mentioned, the world in Extreme Car Driving Simulator features a massive open-world area you can explore thoroughly. Get acquainted with numerous thrilling activities, such as taking on the role of a taxi or bus chauffeur, and some raged police officers chasing you because you need to adhere to the rules. There are also amazing jumps, stunts, and even flips. The game features a realistic engine with physics, providing the player with a real-life driving experience. Additionally, you can personalize your car using various elements and possibilities.

Interactive and real-time elements

In Extreme Car Driving Simulator, your cars will look and feel like real-world cars, with real-life and interactive features that allow you to experience real vehicle damage after accidents on the road. Be sure to avoid collisions that cause injury to avoid ending your trip before too long.

In addition, racing’s other elements are highly interactive, as they respond to your physical interactions. This means it is possible to make traffic warnings to the sky and even collides with police during a street race contest.

Switch between varied cameras.

If you’re someone who tends to shift your perspective, Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers a variety of camera options that you can utilize. Look at your vehicles from the exterior or inside, reverse or forward, and many more. Each angle will provide you with a distinct perspective.

Get valuable rewards simply by staying active.

In addition, along with its addictive gameplay, Extreme Car Driving Simulator offers a variety of amazing rewards you can get through playing, which means you’ll be able to collect daily rewards whenever you log into your game. You can also collect amazing items by completing tasks and the challenge.

It is free to play

Despite the amazing capabilities, the game is free on the Google Play Store. It is possible to download it to your mobile devices without paying for anything. The bountiful loot will be an excellent aid in making your progress faster. You’ll also be bombarded by irritating ads that may look less tempting. These games are also free to play Ace Fighter, PUBG Mobile Lite

Get the game unlocked with our mods.

If you’re concerned that the game could be more cluttered with excessively too many advertisements, our mods can help. However, using our mods is possible to get the game free of ads. Download the Extreme Car Driving Simulator Mod APK to your device and follow our steps to install the mod. Experience an ad-free gaming experience without being concerned.

Audio and visual quality


Although the game has fairly high-quality graphics, you can install it, accessible across various devices. However, realistic 3D visuals and interactive environments like the ones above can make you feel like it’s playing the game.


For a true gaming experience, The game features an immersive sound experience full of audio effects. It is possible to feel the car that is circling you, cops following your movements, as well as all others.

Final Thoughts

For Android players playing Extreme Car Driving Simulator, there’s a chance to play an authentic driving simulator game. If you’re worried about advertisements, feel free, as our mods can help to solve your issues. You do not have to worry about having a poor experience with Extreme Driving Simulator.