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About Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

The category of shooting games have been admired by almost every gamer because they want to experience those thing which they couldn’t in their real lifes. There are plenty of Fps online games which have realistic graphics, intensed gameplay and incredible audio effects. 

Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk is also a well-known shooting game worldwide. The game has over 100 millions downloaders and has a very positive review about it. Gamers from over the world loves to play this amazing action game to kill their boredom. 

The game has outstanding graphics and extraordinary gameplay. This is the 5th installation of the Modern Combat franchise which is very popular for its previous series of modern combat. It is an action packed game which offers many exciting gaming modes and difficult missions to play. 

If you play this game you will be addicted to it and will always want to play this game more and more. It looks so much difficult to play but the controls of the game are very easy to learn and control. 

The user-interface of the game is also friendly that it is perfectly optimized for all devices. If you want to have a blast while playing this game at its maximum graphics settings we recommend you to install it on a high-end device. You can download original version of this game from Google Play Store but if you want it with unlimited features you can visit our site to download it.

Modern Combat 5 mod apk

 What is Modern Combat 5 Apk?

The Modern Combat 5 Apk is the original version of the game and you can download it from the Google Play Store and from the internet. This game weas developed by Gameloft SE, This game is free of cost s o you can download it easily. 

There are many awesome in-game features which you have to unlock by completing the story and earning money. There are also premium features available in the game but you have to buy them with real money if you want to use them. 

Both single and multiplayer modes are available in the game so you can choose between them which you wan to play. In the storyline of the game you have to fight against other Ai players of the game. 

Kill all opponents and show your guts to other team members. Select between solo or a squad to play with. Make successful strategies with your teammates and show incredible fighting styles and shooting skils to get on the top of leaderboards.

Modern Combat 5 mod

What is Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk?

Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk is the modded version of the game available on the internet to download. Similar to the original game all the features and game modes are also present in this modified version of the game and it can be downloaded for free from our website. 

There is no change in the gameplay of the game it is exactly the same as the original except the ads are restricted in the modded version.The mod version of the game offers you unlimited money so you can buy anything in the game. 

All the premium tools and things are unlocked in the modded version of the game. Each and everything is unlocked in the game like missions, weapons, game mode and other things. The graphics detailing and visual effects of the game are the same as the original apk. 

But if we analyze from the user’s demand they want a game in which there are no restrictions and they can enjoy the game with unlimited features.

Modern Combat 5 mod apk unlimited money

Amazing features of the Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

The storyline and chapters

Prove that you are a one-man army and defeat all your enemis in the battlegrounds. The storyline of the game is incredible and you have to complete missions and challenging tasks. There are 6 chapters available in the game and the story revolve around those chapters. 

You have to complete all of them one by one. The mian storyline of the game starts with a cutscene where Pheonix and his superiors are discussing the happening events in Gilman Secrity HQ. A group of international terrorists have launched an attack on the city of italy to steal chemical weapons. 

The council have made you inchare of this operation to sae the country from those terrorists. You have to go through the terrorist bases and occupied lands and set them free. Show your shooting skills and become a pro in this game. You can also play in the squad mode if you want help from the back.

Modern Combat 5 unlocked weapons

Customize your army and select fighting styles

Customize your armies with 10 different top-tier available in the game to enhance their shooting skills and easily take down your enemies. Personlize and level up these top-tier classes to become the top shooter and survivor in the game. 

There are variety of in-game fighting styles available which are including kommander, bounty hunter, Morph, Tracker and many more to choose from. Choosing a fighting style will give you advantage over your enemies and you can easily tackle them from behind. Become a true soldier in the game by wisely choosing a fighting style.

Customize your characters

Customize you characters to make it look more stylish according to your own ideas. There are different items available to make your character look strong. After customizing your character ight as a strong warrior with stylish outfits and deadly weapons.

Different weapons to use

Weaopns play a crucial role in the battlegrounds and difficult missions. There are so many deadly weapons which includes, Machine guns, sub machine guns, pistols, desert eagle, rifle, gernades, flash bombs and man other weapons are available in the game. You can also upgrade them to enhance their skills and can easily take clear shots on the enemies.  

Different gaming modes to play

You can play in different game modes which includes both solo or multiplayer mode. In these modes there are daily events which you can complete and earn rewards, Single player/ story mode, Deathmatch, Battle royale, and some other modes are also available in the game to play. 

Get on the top of leaderboard

Achievements of a team are displayed on the leaderboards and the team according to their ranks. Players who are top ranked get various precious gifts, items and achievements. Call of Duty Mod Apk is also the an amazing battle royale game in which you have to kill and survive till the end.

Awesome mod features of Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

The modded version of Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk provides you unlimited money which can be used to buy different weapons and abilities for characters. The premium items can also be unlocked with the help of modded version.

Buy all the tools and upgrade your characters and its outfit to enhance its abilities.The modded versio gives you advantage as compared to the original version of the game. You can download the modded version of the game from our website and enjoy limitless in-game money. 

Everything unlocked

The standard version of the game provides you some features which are unlocked and are useful in the starting of the game. But as you progress through the game the difficult and challenging missions will make you helpless in front of your enemies. 

Now you have to upgrade your weapons, character, and the outfit of a soldier with the earned money you have. But in the modded version of the game everything is unlocked and it also provides unlimited money so you can customize you character, upgrade your weapons and character freely.  Critical Ops Mod Apk is also the modded version of the game and it provides its users everything unlocked and unlimited money to enjoy this game at its fullest.

Nothing is locked in the modded version each premium item is also unlocked in the modded version and you can use it for free. It’s a guarantee that you will enjoy playing this mod version of the game so download and try it now.

Restricted Ads

The modded version is free from those thing which ca interrupt you gameplay. Enjoy your game without getting disturbed by advertisement.

Few steps to download Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk

  1. Go to and click on the download button to download Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk.
  2. To install the file from web browser enable the option of “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your Android device.
  3. When the file is downloaded, tap on the file to install it the process will be finished in some seconds.
  4. Once the file is installed successfully  just play the game and kill your boredom.

Summing Up

The Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk is an online shooting game wheere you will battle with online enemies. The storyline of the game is so incredible and thrilling where you have to complete difficult missions and challenges. 

Playing different game modes will never make you feel tired of the game  The graphics quality of the game is also at extreme levels. Download this game and enjoy your free time while playing its thrilling gaming modes.


No, it require an internet connection to play even for the single player mode.

Yes, the modded vreiosn of the game is completely safe and protected. It is tested by an anti-virus software and is free from any kind of malware.