My talking tom 2

My Talking Tom 2
NameMy Talking Tom 2
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DeveloperOutfit7 Limited

About My Talking Tom 2

My Talking Tom 2 is a remarkable casual game; the player gets to help his robot cat perform enough daily tasks, so you can be able to discover all the impressions about it. As the player guides his robot cat to perform as many tasks as possible, the robot cat cannot do it all on its own. Now that you are a person in the game, you have a big task to do. You would like to keep a pet but the situation does not allow you to do so. In My Talking Tom 2, you’ll be able to create a cat which you’ll be able to play with, feed, buy clothes, and anything else you want with it.

This cool free game is the sequel to My Talking Tom, which was a global hit when it was released. It is about a famous pet cat who is going on an amazing lift adventure with a famous friend, a cat called Tom. He reacts to everything that you do and he keeps coming up with new surprises every day. The player will be able to help the robot cat to complete the required tasks each day, which are quite enjoyable. As a player, you have to guide this robotic cat in order to make it do everything for itself. The robotic cat is not able to handle everything on its own.

My Talking Tom 2

Graphics – Sound effects

My Talking Tom 2 was developed by Outfit7 Limited Company and is available for free download. It can be played on both Android and iOS devices as well as the Google Play App. The game is designed in 3D and is intended for single player play only.

The colorful variety of 3D Graphics describe the character behaviors, emotions, and sensations of the cats and dogs, such as falling, laughing, grimacing, doubting, etc. Each color is bright, harmonizing with clothing items, accessories (hats, socks, sunglasses, …) and extremely pleasant abundant furnishings.

There are also some extraordinary sound effects in this game, such as the cat mimicking your accent, yawning, and other actions, as well as the sounds of the games on making money, such as how it is going to make money, etc.

A personal experience about taking care of a cat

The best way to play with your cat is to provide it with food, water, and water when he is hungry or thirsty, so he can play easily. You can buy food for Tom by clicking on the supermarket icon and selecting the products that you want to buy and paying for them. Please save the food for Tom since he will eat when he is full. Therefore, you should feed him at a moderate level to minimize waste. By clicking on the cat’s hand, leg, abdomen, and head, you can also play and troll him.

If you wish for your cats to eat well, it is important for you to take them for walks where they choose. When the cats eat well, the amount of money you get back is very large, and this is also what gives a very positive impression of the game. In addition, if you could keep the cat’s personal hygiene in check, such as bathing, going to the toilet, or going to bed at the right time, you should be able to raise it to the best possible level, while meeting his or her needs. You should also allow the cat to play with friends and try different sports with friends.

My Talking Tom 2

You are responsible for controlling as well as instructing our robotic cat to perform tasks. The cat is very intelligent, but to have the robotic cat perform a challenge or a normal activity, you will have to guide the cat. If you take good care of this robotic cat, you will see it grow from small to large, and you will see it grow day by day. It is imperative that you feed it on time and maintain proper hygiene for it.

Whether the ceremony is successful or not is partly because of you. Your cat will be able to convey what you say to you and whether you say something will help you out. In order to become the focus of these parties, you need to win the most impressive points, and you need to solve them quickly.

If you earn enough stars and points, you’ll be able to unlock new levels. After completing new levels, you’ll be given valuable gifts, so the game becomes even more impressive. You’ll also get additional assistance and start a new series of challenges. You’ll be able to choose puzzles to answer in new areas and try them out.

As you play My Talking Tom 2, you’ll discover that My Talking Tom 2 stands out in every way, as you take your cat to new places and let them tell you what they enjoy. You’ll also have fun and have interesting conversations. Upgrades are also important, and you need to take advantage.

If you talk to your cat, it will mimic your speech and even repeat it in a voice that is very humorous and cute. Sometimes stroke him so that he knows he is loved and will grow faster.

Also, you can decorate your cat’s house to look more beautiful and spacious and buy clothes, accessories and other items for him.

For shopping for your cat, you can play the mini game available in an attractive game warehouse (some games require an Internet connection) to receive rewards, buy a lot of food, and furniture for Tom.

Also, My Talking Tom 2 lets players experience real life activities that cats need to do daily, such as going to the bathroom, brushing his teeth, taking a shower, etc.

My Talking Tom 2

When you take care of your cat, he will grow gradually. If you forget about him for too long, he will disappear. So you have to start over.

Special points compared to the old version

In My Talking Tom 2, you can unlock five pets and learn about them. The original version only gave you an assignment to keep the cat. The traditional gameplay of the game draws players in. Players can feed them to see what happens. Each one has its own personality and look.

In addition to that, My Talking Tom 2 also has its own airplane. You can now collect cards based on the cat’s level by clicking on the Airplane icon. Besides being able to fly anywhere, Tom can still look for unique costumes, pick up rewards for him, and take souvenir pictures with the drone.

My Talking Tom 2

Taking care of Tom when he is sick or injured will be more important. The medicine cupboard in your bathroom will help your cat to heal quickly.

Feathers and eye color can change in the cat

It is the age of your cat that determines the level it is at. If you want your cat to thrive and increase level, you need to take care of him.

My Talking Tom 2

You must purchase furniture to decorate the living room, bedroom, and toilet for Tom. This will increase your experience. In addition, you can earn coins and experience points by completing the different assignments provided by the game, enabling your cat to level up quickly. Lastly, the mini game is a great way for new players or people with limited resources to earn money and experience. While playing the favorite games, you get points to level up your cat. The games help you to relax, improve your thinking ability, and learn reflexes.

You should take good care of your cat if you want to level up quickly or raise your cat’s age. That special cat can also change eye color and feather. Buy more eye colors, feathers to change your cat.

Play this simple game to relax

My Talking Tom 2 will give you a real sense of how a cat lives everyday. It appeals not just to children but also to adults and busy people. It features bright colors and vibrant sounds.

My Talking Tom 2 is a great way for you to relax with your cat in a fun way without spending too much time, you can play anytime and anywhere, and Tom can keep you entertained and relieve stress as well. Share your experience of your cat with your friends, good or bad. Explore the games also TownShip, Ultimate Car Driving Simulator

In addition to these things, many people have used My Talking Tom 2 and it has become very popular.