Nova Legacy Mod Apk

NameNova Legacy Mod Apk
(Unlimited Money)
Last updateFew Seconds Ago
DeveloperGameloft SE
Mod InformationUnlimited Money, Unlocked everything,
Free shopping, mod menu

About Nova Legacy Mod Apk.

Nova legacy Mod Apk is the most fantastic action-packed shooting game. It has a very unique and incredible gameplay. It has a complete different storyline which is full of action and suspense. You are stuck in a spaceship and you have to be prepared for what’s coming on. Between all this you have to fight with aliens and protect your teammates in order to survive. 

The game has so many variety of weapons with unique abilities, armour which can be utilize as a life saviour while battling against aliens and deadly creatures. There are many missions and objectives which you have to complete otherwise you will be stuck in a spaceship and no one can rescue you. It has very detailed 3D graphics with such a great user interface which gives this game vibe of a movie.

High quality of sound effects gives the game more interesting vibe and you can enjoy playing it. Controls of the game is very simple and highly optimized and responsive. It also has an offline feature so it can be played without an internet connection. It’s free of cost which means you don’t have to pay anything to install this game and there is nothing which have to be purchased.

nova legacy mod apk

What is Nova Legacy Apk?

Nove Legacy Apk is a FPS action-packed shooting game with some unique features. You have to battle against aliens and deadly creatures who are trying to kill you. You have to eliminate them and find a safe location in order to survive. 

There are variety of cool weapons which can be used to kill aliens and giant creatures. There are different in-game modes which gives the best gaming experience. Multiplayer mode is the best mode which allows the players to battle against the real players. 

And there is an offline mode available in the game. The game only consists of 19 mission and each one of them is filled with difficulties and dangers.

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What is Nova Legacy Mod Apk?

Nova Legacy Mod APk is the modified version of the original version. It is totally free and with unlimited features. The modified version of the game offers its players unlimited coins and trilithium and unlocked everything. 

You can unlock everything for free with this modified version. You can customize and upgrade your character to its maximum level. Give your character an astonishing look with premium customization items.

You can unlock all weapons and upgrade their parts to increase their damage. You can easily eliminate your enemies with upgraded weapons. Experience ad-free gameplay and enjoy it. This game can be played both online and offline whether its your choice to choose from them.

nova legacy mod apk unlimited money

Features of Nova Legacy Mod Apk.

Multiplayer and Solo Mode.

Nova Legacy Mod Apk has both multiplayer and solo mode features which makes it easier and more thrilling game to play. If you want to play storyline mode then playing in solo mode will be good idea for you. You have to complete missions and objectives in order to survive. 

In this mode you will battle against aliens and creepy creatures. You have to eliminate them in order to survive till the end. In multiplayer mode you will battle against real players from around the globe. Win battles to unlock awesome rewards and cool gadgets. You also have the opportunity to create your own team with your friends for battles.

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Unique Gameplay.

The weapons and gadgets in this game are not ordinary they are made for the space battles. In order to survive in this game you must have a powerful weapon because aliens and creatures are so deadly and terrible that they can’t be killed easily. 

You can collect rewards in order to unlock new weapons and gadgets. Craft new weapons and upgrade them to increase their abilities. There are special guns like laser beam gun, plasma gun, rifles, and many more weapons in the game.

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Extreme graphics and Sound Quality.

Nova Legacy Mod Apk has incredible graphics with great visualizations and visual effects. Graphics are fully optimized with great animation and visual effects to give it more realistic and interesting gameplay. Also the sound effects of the game are so realistic and extreme because it can fully immerse you in the game. 

The design and visuals of aliens and the other creatures so cool. The in-game cutscenes gives you the feeling of some sort of movie scene. All the high-end and low-end device user can play this game on their Android devices.

Easy to use controls.

Controls which are easy to learn and use will help you to master your skills. In this extreme action-packed shooting game there is a virtual keyboard in the game which you can use to control your character moves it in different directions. 

Kill aliens and creepy creatures by using fire buttons. There is also an aiming option available in the virtual keyboard which is used to get a target shot. In the options of this game you can also customize the controls setting in the way it suits you. Also there are many more options available in the settings of the game.

Epic Missions.

In storyline of Nova Legacy Mod Apk it features different missions which you can play and survive till the end. If you don’t have powerful weapons to kill the aliens then you have to find a hiding spot and if you don’t have both weapons and hiding spot then you won’t survive for much time. 

There are 19 missions available in the game and you have to complete each missions and tasks. You can play this game in both online and offline mode. If you want to play in single-player mode you can choose offline mode and if you want to enjoy this game with your friends you can choose online mode/Multiplayer mode. 

Free to Play.

Nova Legacy Mod Apk is a free-of-cost game to be played. You can download this game from Play Store and from internet browsers Without any charges. All the features and items are unlocked in the modded version of the game.

So download this game and have fun in both online and offline mode. Alternative games are Dan The Man Mod Apk and Stick Warfare Blood Strike Mod Apk.

Mod Features.

Unlimited money.

Nova Legcay Mod Apk is the modified version of the game which provides you unlimited money and trilithium. There are two different coins in the game which can be used to buy items. The mod version provides you unlimited gold for free and you can use it to buy anything you want. You can buy armours and weapons with the unlimited money. 

Upgrade your weapons to take their skills to the maximum levels which will be very useful in eliminating aliens and deadly creatures. All the features and items are already unlocked in this version. 

You can also customize your character with unique items and abilities to make it different. All the modes are already unlocked so you can play whatever you want to. Have fun while playing this game which is absolutely free of cost. 

No Ads.

The modded version have restricted the in-game ads because they are very disturbing during gameplay. Gameplay without ads is so much smooth and the player will enjoy playing the game. 

You can play this game in any mode and you won’t view any annoying ad. You can enjoy with its limitless features which are already unlocked in this modded version of the game. You can download this game from our site without any hurdles and can play it for free.

How to download Nova Legacy Mod Apk?

You can download the original version of this game from Google Play Store. Nova Legacy is available for free on Google Play Store. If you want to play the Nova Legacy Mod Apk version you can download it from


Nova Legacy Mod Apk is a popular thrilling and action-packed FP shooting game with a lot of exciting missions. You will experience 3d realistic graphics and realistic visulas of aliens and creepy creatures in the game. 

In order to claim rewards and unlock cool weapons and armours you need to complete missions and objectives in story mode of the game. Each level is difficult from the previous missions because you have to face many hurdles in it. 

You will get unlimited money and trilithium and you can buy all the premium items in the game. Even you don’t have to spend real money in the game to buy anything in the game. You can download this game and enjoy it with its limitless features


Nova Legacy Mod Apk is an excellent FPS shooting game based on Nova Movie. In easy words, it’s the best science fiction android game.

Yes, it’s safe to play Nova Legacy Mod Apk. You can download this game without any hesitation becuase it has no safety issues. The game doesn’t contain viruses, malware in the game.

Yes, you can play Nova Legacy Mod Apk on your Android devices.