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NameStunt Car Extreme Mod Apk
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About Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk.

Be ready for the most thrilling driving experience in this game. In Stunt Car Extreme Mod APk you will drive some amazing cars in different locations and environments. You will drive your car through streets, off roads, and even on top of the buildings. 

There are no rules in this game you will be given a limited time in which you have to reach the finish line. There are variety of cars which are fast smooth and powerful. You can also upgrade your car’s engine to make its performance better. 

An amazing feature of customizing your car allows you to give your car a fantastic look. But you have to earn money in order to upgrade or customize your car. You have to win races and complete challenges to collect some great rewards. 

In this game you have to drive your car on a infinite track with multiple checkpoints which let you keep the record of your previous progress. You can also earn money by performing stunts and boosting your car speed through various places on the tracks.

There are different control options for you to choose. There are buttons on your screen from which you can control your car and with pedals you can accelerate your car and slow it down. However the game seems to be very interesting so you can download it and have fun.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk

What is Stunt Car Extreme Apk?

It’s the standard version of the game in which some of the free features are unlocked. There are many features including premium features are also locked in the standard version of the game and you have to unlock them by earning money and purchasing it. 

You have to earn money in the original version of the game by completing quests and challenges. There are different locations and tracks available in the game. The limitless tracks with a limited time makes the game more exciting.

There are many difficulties and hurdles present in the game and you have to pass through them. You can earn some extra coins by doing some dangerous stunts like backflip, high jumps and etc.  There are variety of cars available in the game and you can drive which ever you want.

Players can also upgrade their cars and tune their engines with the best parts and increase their power. Also you can install a nitrous kit in your car to give it speed boost. With the help of nitrous you can finish your mission before the time ends. 

Earn money to unlock the premium customizing features and customize your car with them to make it look awesome. 

There are more interesting facts and features about this game which is why it is played by millions of people all across the world.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod

What is Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk?

Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk is the modified version of the game which provide their users unlimited money and all features unlocked for free. All the tracks are available in this version of the game. 

As we have mentioned above the players of this game has to earn money by completing tasks and quests but in the modded version you don’t have to hardwork to earn money because it offers you unlimited money. 

You don’t have to worry about spending in-game money to buy items and unlock anything you want to. You can ulock all cars and drive your favourtie one on the tracks.Upgrade your car’s engine to make it perform better  on racing tracks and it wil help you to save time in a difficult task. 

Customize your car with different items and give it fabulous look. Enjoy the Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk with its limitless feature by playing it. 

Features of Stunt Car Extreme Mod APk?

There are a variety of features available in the game which are provided below. Read our reviews about the features of this game and get familiar to it.

Game Modes

here are different in-game modes available for the gamers to play.

  • Time trial mode: In this mode the player must go through all the checkpoints and get to the finish line in the given time.
  • On-Road mode: The gamers have to drive through moving traffic while performing stunts.
  • Multiplayer Mode: The multiplayer mode allows you to play Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk with your friends and other players from around the world. You can compete with the best players and show your driving skills to them.
Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk Latest Version

Amazing race tracks.

The players of Stunt Car Extreme mod Apk will love the speedy racing environment. The race tracks are very dangerous, breathtaking with cracking and destruction and great hurdles. You have to drive on them with attention if you don’t want your car to fall on the ground.

While driving your car there are so many hurdles and obstacles in your way. The track is destroyed from various points and you have to cross it with great speed.

You can perform different stunts while driving on those tracks. You will also get some extra rewards and coins if you perform stunts and complete the mission in the given time.

Make your own car collection.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk gives you some awesome rewards while driving on the road to encourage you driving spirit. Complete missions and tasks in the game to earn money and collect awesome rewards. 

You can earn some extra coins by performing different stunts like doing high jumps and spinning your car. With the earned money you can unlock all the cars and add your favourite cars in your collection. But in the modded version of the game you don’t need to earn money to buy cars because it will provide you unlimited money so you can buy any car and enjoy the rest.

Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk Download

Amazing Graphics.

The graphics of the game are so incredible it makes you so immersed in the game. The texture quality of the game is so high level and gives a unique experience.  Practically playing this game will give you an awesome gaming experience. 

Sound Quality.

The feature of sound is the most crucial part of any game because it gives you feeling while you are playing any game. The sound quality of Stunt Car Extreme is so incredible and amazing. The sound of collisions, car’s engine, and tires screeching gives you an amazing gaming 

Mod Features.

Unlimited Money.

The Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk provides you unlimited money so you can buy anything within the game. 

Unlocked Everything.

As in the standard version of the game you won’t have acces over the premium features. You can ulock them by earning money and purchasing them. But in the modded version it is alternate to the original game because it has all the free and premium features unlocked and you can use which ever you want. Get this amazing mod apk and have extreme level of fun.

Restricted Ads.

The modded version have restricted the ads because they are so annoying and interrupt gamers while playing this game.

Free of cost. 

You can download this game for free because it is available on Google Play Store. And if you want to play it with limitless features you can download the modded version of this game from websites on the internet.  Also check out these Cafe Racer Mod Apk and Drive Ahead.

Take a few steps to Download and install Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk.

  1. Go to and download the Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk.
  2. Go to your device’s settings and enable the option of “Unknown Sources” from the settings of your device to install applications from browsers.
  3. After the downloading process is finished just tap on the apk file to install it.
  4. Once the installation process is completed you can play Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk with unlimited features.

Summing up

Overall it is an awesome game with some exciting features and racing experiences. You will have some fun gaming time while playing it. The fun of driving your car on dangerous tracks which is full of difficulties and hurdles is so breathtaking. You will surely enjoy playing this game.


Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk is the modified version of the original game. You will have access over all the features of Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk which are not available in the original version of the game.

If you want to download the Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk you can simply follow our instructions to get this amazing application on your device.

It’s absolutely safe to download Stunt Car Extreme Mod Apk. There is nothing malicious which can damage your device so anyone can download this game from our website.