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Traffic racer
NameTraffic Racer
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About Traffic Racer

Are You an Enthusiastic Racer Looking For Something New and Refreshing to Drive On? Look No Further than Traffic Racer for an Exhilarating and engaging driving experience! Players can focus on something other than racing against rival drivers to enjoy Traffic Racer, as its focus lies solely on providing full driver gameplay on different vehicles with real-life truck driver experience! Discover more of Soner Kara through its opinions about this thrilling game today.

Traffic Racer


Traffic Racer stands out among mobile racing games as the few that allow players to focus solely on driving without becoming distracted by racing thoughts. You’ll get more enjoyment out of every journey through stunning landscapes. Experience different sensations as you hop aboard various automobiles – an auto container, sports car SUV, or container truck! Take your pick and experience new feelings as you switch vehicles!

Traffic Racer


This page will provide every exciting feature in the game to provide:

Easy to use controls.

Traffic Racer’s developers have designed easy-to-play controls to maximize playability and access. By taking this approach, guiding your car easily across various directions can now be accomplished using Touch or Tilt functions.

Control Your Speed: Adjust your speed using only two buttons available – gas and brake to increase and decrease rates, respectively, plus a slowdown button for slowing them back down when needed – along with smooth car handling, which provides enjoyable in-game experiences.

Traffic Racer

Pick from various vehicles to vary your experience and diversify it further.

At first, you’ll be shown an extensive collection of cars to select. With over 35 vehicles, choosing your ideal ride should be easy! No matter your choice, unlocking your car may first require new challenges to accumulate gold. When enough has been earned, upgrades to your vehicle and missions completed can be upgraded, while extra equipment purchased to assist on your journey can also be purchased using that gold.

Traffic Racer

Discover new destinations and landscapes as you journey across various terrains.

Traffic Racers players will also experience many unique locations, exploring distinct tracks and testing their driving abilities on diverse terrains such as deserts, suburbs, cities, and rainy or snowy weather conditions. Learn to drive on various routes for traffic racing practice – learning new speeds helps develop proficiency on multiple tracks as you compete against other drivers to become the fastest racer and win prizes – unlock new vehicles or upgrades and levels to become one of the greatest racers out there! Take on this challenging and enjoyable game today!

Traffic Racer

Play thrilling games.

Traffic Racer offers up to five game modes that promise an action-packed gaming experience:
As soon as your driving abilities have been tested on free rides, please familiarize yourself with their controls by conducting an examination ride and exploring its features.
As opposed to driving through monotonous single-lane streets, two-way streets present more challenging scenarios for driving games and testing your abilities. Always pay extra attention when approaching traffic is approaching; use mirrors to verify that you are where necessary; reduce speed as required and be mindful when crossing lines as it gives an excellent opportunity to test both driving techniques and reactions!

Time Trial: Do you enjoy driving quickly? The Time Trial challenges in Traffic Racer will surely keep your adrenaline racing. Competing against only yourself against an imaginary other will provide plenty of thrills – be sure to beat personal records or try finishing courses faster than previously done for additional challenges, joys, and sharpening driving ability along the way!

Police Chases: Are A Great Way To Have Fun On The Road This can add excitement and fun to any journey, providing an exciting break from everyday issues and stressors. A police chase offers another challenge and enjoyment in sports; figure out strategies to outwit them while staying aware of where you’re traveling to avoid getting chased! Keep a keen eye out, and don’t allow the authorities to follow!
Endless Finally, all your driving abilities can be put to the ultimate test with Endless mode.

Take some time out of driving through busy streets to take in and admire the streets instead, compete against other drivers in races using your knowledge to prevail, win rewards from each level to unlock cars or upgrade upgrades and push yourself further than ever to become the most proficient driver ever. Take an endless road journey now – test your abilities against yourself until your abilities surpass everyone.!

Discover a compelling game! Explore its beauty.

Traffic Racers offers compelling gameplay modes and minor adjustments, making the experience significantly more engaging than other racing games. Driving faster to increase total scores can increase full scores substantially; over 100 km/h allows for overtaking cars within close distance to gain bonus points; two-way mode riding is often thrilling and entertaining; it may be possible to unlock hidden routes and shortcuts by expanding game boundaries; plus there are exciting challenges you must complete and customize your car to make it unique!

A deep and realistic understanding of NPC traffic flows.

Contrasting other racing games like Traffic Racers, Traffic Racers offers players incredible depth and rich NPC traffic, so you feel as though they are driving on actual streets. Move through an intricate world filled with trucks, buses, SUVs, bikes, and sportscars in real-life conditions while experiencing realistic mechanics and physics while competing online with real people and AI opponents! Choose between Time Trial, Quick Race, or Career mode games modes where opponents challenge you, or you compete directly against players online with your car customized according to specifications that suit you personally!

Modify your vehicle by customizing its appearance.

As soon as you’re immersed in a sport, customization becomes even more enjoyable when your vehicle enters play. Change wheels and paint schemes as desired and add high-performance components such as exhausts, engine brakes, suspensions, or exhausts to give it that distinct look while personalizing its interior through leather seats, audio systems, or any number of options to stand out among its fellow vehicles on the track. Customization gives your ride a distinct appearance which helps set itself apart when playing racing or rallycross events.

Make use of all the upgrade features your car offers – speed up its rate and acceleration; customize its interior including seats, steering wheels, and dashboard; modify the sound system so that your favorite songs play while driving; improve engine efficiency by upgrading engine components – these upgrades could all enhance its overall efficiency and performance.

Play online gameplay alongside millions of gamers worldwide!

Alongside rewarding missions and game modes, players can participate in exciting challenges and achievements to earn valuable loot. Meanwhile, online gameplay provides competitive challenges where gamers compete against one another on Leaderboards for incredible prizes; or join forces with friends and compete against each other as teams in fun tournaments for exclusive rewards and show that you are indeed the superior player! Leaderboards serve as another great platform to demonstrate this fact!

Free to play

Traffic Racer remains a free-to-play game despite all its impressive features. That means it can be installed on mobile devices. There may be In-App purchases you’d be keen on making, so small fees apply, but overall, this game provides hours of fun without cash fees being required from you! Plus, fan-generated content and regular updates make the experience all that more captivating! Some exciting racing games for you are Traffic Rider and Racing Limits.

Unlock unlimited items with our mods!

With our modifications, you can enjoy unlimited in-app purchases with Traffic Racer! Download our Traffic Racer APK files on our website, install them onto your devices, follow the instructions provided, and you’re on your way! Also included are upgrades and extra coins for customizing your car! Its quick and simple installation gives you fun without limitation; enjoy!

Sound and image quality.


This game boasts vivid 3D graphics, which will immerse gamers into an exhilarating motoring experience, yet is relatively graphic-demand free to be easily downloaded on low-end devices without experiencing issues or running smoothly even on older ones. Furthermore, its user-friendly controls and simple and intuitive gameplay make the experience accessible to experienced and novice players.


Traffic Racer provides players with an authentic audio experience featuring realistic cars. Simulations that accurately mimic traffic are available as well, including pursuit simulation and police chase simulation features. Experience what life’s like on the streets through 3D graphics that create the feeling that you are there in person! Simple controls let gamers experience adrenaline-filled racing! Participants can choose from vintage muscle cars all the way through to modern sport automobiles; multiple tracks and locations offer something for every racer! Traffic Racer offers an exhilarating racing experience complete with realistic sound and graphics for an exhilarating racing experience!

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Traffic Racer might seem unfamiliar at first glance to racing enthusiasts; however, you will quickly come to appreciate its pleasures over time. From authentic 3D images and lively sounds to online leaderboards allowing players to challenge each other to surpass records, Traffic Racer is an enjoyable yet stimulating gaming experience that provides both challenge and entertainment in equal measures the perfect game for anyone wanting both!