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Traffic Rider
NameTraffic Rider
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About Traffic Rider

Imagine riding your favorite motorbike down endless highways while admiring an idyllic sunset, competing against time against addictive challenges in Ner Kara’s Traffic Rider game on the Android platform, and witnessing its engaging motorbike simulation capabilities with our comprehensive reviews.  Now is your opportunity to immerse yourself in its thrill and adrenaline with Traffic Rider; get it now to experience one of the most stimulating motorbike racing experiences ever, and begin your thrilling motorbike racing experience by participating in Traffic Rider! Enjoy this outstanding journey!

Traffic Rider


Players are invited to experience the thrilling adventure of an experienced, daring motorcycle rider determined to conquer even the most challenging motorbike tasks imaginably.  You’re invited into this incredible simulator of a motorbike as it immerses players with addictive and deep gameplay – from realistic graphics and an immersive environment to experiencing adrenaline as you face down even the most demanding challenges with ease, becoming the ultimate motorbike rider along the way! 

At no time do you experience driving? Instead, this game gives a realistic simulation of all that’s taking place along its roadways – from heavy highway traffic with multiple cars in multiple-lane roads, lights, traffic signals, turn signals, and much more – right down to weather effects and cycles of night/day cycles, maps/GPS navigation services keeping up-to-date and seamless controls as a car delivers realistic physical. 

Combining knowledge of traffic with motorbike riding skills will enable you to meet these exciting yet challenging obstacles head-on.

Traffic Rider


This page will provide all the thrilling features this game has to deliver:

Simple controls to help you get up and running

At first, you can access basic controls that allow for swift movement without issues or difficulties. Simply pressing the bike’s left will cause it to move in its designated direction; for an immersive experience, tilt it using the tilt feature instead! Most features in the app are user-friendly as well; these make gameplay simple! The game offers various challenges with unique obstacles that you must face, as well as options to personalize bikes using different themes – while multiplayer modes allow at least four people to compete against one another!

Traffic Rider

Immersive view option

Players looking for an enhanced and immersive gaming experience may wish to experiment with various camera perspectives that provide unique gameplay. Consider opting for the first-person view as it will immerse you, while a third person might offer a better mood; all options depend entirely upon you – use them however, suits you for optimal gameplay experience! 

Traffic Rider

Select from the dozens of bikes that are powerful.

Game players who enjoy Traffic Rider will encounter hundreds of motorcycles available in the market. Choose your ideal model, and ride it across streets filled with various motorbikes – there is 29 total! Each with its own information. As new releases arrive, new options that meet your needs become available. Bikes can be customized to improve performance while upgrading for enhanced looks and better handling. You can choose from multiple games, including career and time trial modes, which feature original 3D animation and sounds that bring race experiences alive!

Traffic Rider

Physically realistic and real-time gameplay

Be stimulated and immerse yourself in breathtaking settings full of sensible elements! Experience day and night changes and cool breezes rushing past your helmet while riding through various locations, thanks to real-world Physics. Take advantage of different climates and terrain types; relish nature within yourself; enjoy riding as part of an adventurous journey, then share that adventure with other riders.  Take your time, share experiences freely – take pleasure from each step along your path and share experiences freely amongst yourself and other riders!

Discover the vast career path mode.

At the start of their biker amateur journey, gamers will participate in a fantastic career mode where they will learn all it takes to become the ultimate rider. Completing various levels of challenge and missions enables unlocking different bikes and upgrading existing ones; there is even the potential to enter races online against fellow participants; it promises an adrenaline-charged experience sure to test and push players beyond what was possible. 

Experience over 70 games available here and ride one top motorbike. Take note of driving tips that may help extend the length of your travels further.

Customize your experience to the way you wanted

As part of their quest to turn their bike into something incredible, gamers can customize it further through various options found within the game – giving it new engines, better exhaust systems, and tires for use on public streets. 

Decorating your motorcycle with stickers and artwork provides more fun!

Customization options enable you to personalize it to suit you as a rider – show your fashion by riding an exclusive experience made just for you! With your bike as unique as you, the possibilities for customization allow it to appear just how it should. In fact, speed improvements and strengthened structures may give you an advantage over others and provide an advantage for you when riding alone. Make an impactful statement while showing your fashionable side – ride with pride on a custom-designed ride!

Play against online gamers from all around the globe.

Get ready for an adventure online when you join millions of gamers worldwide in playing Traffic Rider! Compete against fellow riders on exciting leaderboards packed with riveting actions – you must finish in the first place to unlock significant rewards, plus more than 30 accomplishments that await.  Show everyone why you are the superior rider by using stunning HD graphics and authentic sound effects in this online game, race towards the peak, and become the most incredible Traffic Rider yet. 

Play the game in your selected languages.

At Traffic Rider, players are exposed to over 19 languages, enhancing their gaming experience without breaking communication barriers and hindering engagement with fellow gamers.  Furthermore, enjoying our favorite game in our native tongue helps foster community integration and inclusion.

You must be quick and fast to earn a wealth of bonuses.

Furthermore, this game provides players with numerous bonuses they can acquire while taking part in it. Drive as fast as possible while remaining aware of congestion; once over 100 km/h, take the roads.

Ride close to other vehicles while collecting bonus points or performing incredible wheelies to earn cash bonuses or upgrade your bike and increase its power – getting more points each time! Discover exciting circuits as you race with fellow racers on the street; join forces and become the ultimate street racer.

Play for free

Play it for free on mobile devices without incurring charges for anything! Downloading and enjoying it right away won’t break your budget; accessing its full game using hard-earned dollars will surely bring pleasure. Though in-app purchases may present issues to players, these will only pose a few obstacles. You can also check out and play these games which are just like as Traffic Rider. Racing Limits and Rebel Racing.

Unlimitable content through our mods

However, as soon as your game becomes addictive and ads become irritatingly intrusive, ads may quickly become frustrating – severely hampering in-game experiences. To address this, download our Traffic Rider Mod APK onto your devices, follow its installation instructions carefully, and enjoy fully unlocked Traffic Rider. Our mod APK allows for a seamless ride with no ads interrupting every ride; additionally, you’ll gain access to all levels, characters, and vehicles and an endless supply of coins for use during gameplay!

Sound and image quality


Traffic Rider offers stunning real-time 3D graphics to create an authentic motorcycle simulation you can access anytime from your phone. Take your passion for riding to new levels by selecting from over 30 types of motorcycles available and competing against friends’ online leaderboards! Download Traffic Rider to experience it yourself and take your driving passion further than ever! With various camera angles to select, customize your game experience and enjoy first-person perspective riding! So what are you waiting for – give Traffic Rider a go and start having fun today!


Traffic Rider creates an authentic and immersive virtual reality world through not only stunning graphics but also audio effects and precise motor sounds recorded life – immersing you into an incredible virtual reality realm filled with authentic elements such as natural motor sounds recorded from real motorcycles for an authentic motorcycling experience, plus vibrant motorbike sounds which provide speed and force; making Traffic Rider truly unparalleled experience unlike anything similar! Delivering on its promise to provide unforgettable rides like no other!

Download the latest version of Traffic Rider.

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