Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk

NameUsed Car Tycoon Mod Apk
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Size222 MB
Mod Information Unlimited Money, Unlimited Diamonds
Free Shopping, Mod Menu

About Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk.

In Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk you can start your business of selling cars and experience the adventurous journey. It has many features and items available which will give you an amazing gaming experience. 

The graphics and sound quality of the game are so cool and so precise. The buildings, people, cars and many other things look very attractive. User interface of the game is also well optimized and easy to understand.

It is an amazing simulation game where you are going to experience buses with latest models which only some people know about. There are millions of players over the world who play this game because of its immersive gameplay.

You get a chance to explore different cars and other vehicles. You can expand your business by selling your cars with a profit margin. The storyline is totally awesome and it can also teach you how to grow your real-life business by making different strategies which are good for your business.

After you expand your business you can also add additional services like financing and extended guarantees. You can build a successful business of car dealership with accurate strategies and hardwork.

Used Car Tycoon mod apk

What is Used Car Tycoon Apk?

Used Car Tycoon Apk is the real version of the game which is available on playstore and can be downloaded for free. The premium features of the geme require real money to unlock them. It is developed by Dragonfly Entertainment.

In the game, you have to play as a person who starts the business of selling and purchasing used car. You have to rebuild those used cars and sell them to earn money.

You will take start from a small showroom with only one car and expand your business by working hard day by day. You have to make different strategies to expand your business and make upgrades to your showroom and buy new cars, modify them to fulfill your customers all needs.  

What is Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk?

The Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk is modified version of the game which is available on our site and you can download it from there. It’s a free version with all the features of the original version of the game. Mod version allows you to use the premium features for free.

This version is also freeo  ads so you can enjoy your gaming experience freely. You will get unlimited money so you can expand your business and make upgrades to it. You can buy premium cars and all the premium features with unlimited money.

Features of Used car Tycoon Mod Apk.

Build Your Empire.

In this game you start your own car selling and purchasing business. You have to take start from a small showroom and work consistently to grow your business. You have to purchase old used cars in low prices.

But in order to earn money you have to sale those cars after repairing and modifying them at a high price. If you want to expand your business and be successful you have to make proper strategies and better decisions.

Used Car Tycoon game mod apk

Used Cars.

There are different cars available in the game and you can fulfill the needs of your customers. Unlock all cars models by earning money and upgrading yur showroom level. You can also buy the used cars with the in-game money you earn. 

used car tycoon game mod apk unlimited money and diamond

Buy Cars.

If you want to make more sales first you need to buy cars at low prices. For this strategy to work you need to stay updated. Like if any person wants to sell his used car you should buy it from them.

Sell Cars.

After you have bought the car you need to repair and modify the car to give it a new look. You can upgrade its engine, tires, and many other parts to make it look like new. To earn money you have to convince your customers to buy your cars at a high profitable price.

Hire staff.

After expanding your business if you are having trouble dealing with many clients at the same time you can hire staff to help you deal with clients. You can hire a manager to manage everything and hire assistants to give you better strategies and ideas.

Hire salesmans and train them how to deal with clients, ask about their requirements and show them cars within their budget. Recommended games are Fallout Shelter Mod Apk and Truckers of Europe 3 Mod Apk.

Upgrade business.

As you progress through the game you business will also grow. You have to buy new lands to make your showroom a bigger place for the customers. Complete missions and objectives to earn moeny and collect rewards. As you level up in the game it becomes difficult and requires more attention to expand your business.

You have to make upgrades to your showroom customize it with different accessorys to make customers stick in your showroom and buy new tools to repair cars quickly. With this you will be a successful business tycoon. 


In this game you will be assigned taska and mission and you have to complete them in order to earn money. After you complete missions you can get some awesome rewards. You ave to help the people by repairing roads and providing facilities. You can also sponsor you cars for championship race. 

Mod Features.

Unlimited Money.

You have to take start of your business from one car in a small showroom. The original version of the game proved you limited money so you have to work hard to expand your business. You have to purchase cars at low prices and sell them after modifying them at a high profitable price.

As you progress you can make upgrades to you showroom and buy new tools to expand your business. The mod version offers you in-game unlimited money. If you want to earn this amount of money in original version it requires a lot of time and struggle. 

You can buy the premium features and grow your business empire. Buy land, premium cars,tools, andm any other premium items.  You can download Used Car Tycoon mod apk Unlimited Money from our website for free and enjoy it.

Unlocked All Cars.

In the regular version of the game you will be given only one car and you have to start you r busines with it. You have to sell this car on a high protiable price. You have to purchase old used cars customize, upgrade and sell them on high prices with your profit margin.You can unlock new cars with earned money.

But in the mod version of the game all cars are already unlocked and available for free. You can fulfill your customers need with the car they demand for. Make upgrades to your cars and modify them to give your cars a unique and attractive look. 

No Ads.

The mod apk does not allows ads in the game. The users find them very irritating and want to get rid of them. The mod version’s developers has solved the problem of many gamers by adding this amazing feature in the game.

Free premium items.

The premium features are the most amazing option of the game. If you want to get them without spending real-money you have to download the mod version of the game. In this way you can use all the features for free without even purchasing them. 

How to play and download Used Car Tycoon Game Mod Apk.

  • If you want to play Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk jus visit our site search for the specific game and click on the download button.
  • After Downloading the game go to the file manager where the game is located in your device and install it by clickng on.
  • Once the installation process is completed you can enjoy Used Car Tycoon game mod apk unlimited money and diamonds.

Download Used Car Tycoon Game Mod Apk.

Used Car Tycoon Game Apk is car selling simulation game, where handle the business of purchasing and selling used cars. A variety of used and premium cas are available in the game which you can modify to increase your selling profit. 

Gameplay of the game is very easy with fantastic graphics. You are going to have a blast if you experience this game. There are different mission which are based on your business journey.


Yes, Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk does not contain any kind of harmful viruses and malware. It is a trusted application you can install it on your device.

You can download the original version Used Car Tycoon from google play store but if you want to download the modified version and enjoy the unlimited features of the game you can download it from our website

Used Car Tycoon Mod Apk is a modified version of the original Used Car tycoon mobile game. Mod Apk offers some extra features, unlimited money, unlocked everything that are not available in regular version of the game.