Vegas crime simulator 2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2
NameVegas Crime Simulator 2
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DeveloperNaxeex LLC

About Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 is a new gangster simulation game that will give fans of classic gangster simulation games, such as Payback 2 and Gangster Vegas, the opportunity to immerse themselves in yet another engaging adventure.  You can explore the massive city that is packed with interactive elements, as well as play the role of a gangster and do whatever a gangster would do.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

With Vegas Crime Simulator 2 you will be able to experience classic action adventure gameplay and also discover your own unique character in a massive gameplay that will make you want to keep playing.  Explore the area and decide what ways you would like to interact with certain in-game elements. You will always be able to find new content and upgrades with this mobile game from Naxeex.

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Storyline & Gameplay

The Vegas Crime Simulator 2 app for Android users gives them the chance to explore the action and adventure packed gameplay of gangsters in the form of gangsters.  In the same way, the game offers a lot of engaging and exciting explorations that you can undertake in the city, where you can explore the intriguing in-game elements at will and decide how you wish to interact with them in the best way.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

As you take part in a gangster’s adventure to become the most powerful mafia mob in the city, you will experience the ultimate quest as he embarks on his ultimate quest. The storyline is addicting and captivating, and there are many different progressions that await you. Explore the action and simulations in-game, complete engaging missions, and always be on the lookout for an authentic gangster shootout.

Moreover, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 offers you an entirely unlocked city to explore freely. Here, you will have an awesome city simulation experience. In addition to interacting with NPCs, exploring the streets, driving your awesome cars, and coming up with whatever ways you want to play, you can experiment with different strategies. 


The following are some of the thrilling experiences you can expect while playing this game:

Easy-to-use controls

In Vegas Crime Simulator 2, Android gamers will be able to quickly find themselves enjoying the ease of use of its touch controls, which are both simple and accessible. If you are walking around the streets casually, fighting or shooting, or even driving in different vehicles, this convenient control system is perfect for you. You can play this awesome mobile game to the fullest extent with the help of a variety of control options that will ensure a great gaming experience.

Become a gangster

You can play the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 for free, which is an immersive and realistic gangster simulation game for those of you who like to play this sort of game.  With the various in-game stories as a gangster in the game, you’ll encounter many exciting and engaging experiences, as well as an immense amount of interesting and engaging experiences. 

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

It is important that you earn respect and popularity within the city of your chosen city as you slowly rise to the top of the mafia hierarchy. You will be able to prove that you are the most infamous mafia gang kingpin of your city by defeating your enemies and becoming the kingpin of your gang by undertaking the most amazing criminal quests.

Customize and upgrade your characters. You can also upgrade and customize your gangster to further optimize your abilities to fight off your enemies, so that you can take advantage of all the features you’ll have at your disposal in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 to make the most of it.  Having a better driving skill requires you to improve endurance, strength, accuracy, driving skills, handling skills, and many more.

During a battle, you need to know how to deal with weapons and vehicles that are more powerful by combining all of these factors. Changing between weapons and accessing powerful war machines is easy, so you can take on the cops and other mobs in lively combat.

Drive awesome cars

Aside from that, in fact, it is not always necessary for you to possess large tanks or military aircraft in order to enjoy this game. As a gangster, you have the ability to find many interesting vehicles that you can easily steal from the owners of around Las Vegas in Las Vegas Crime Simulator 2. As a gamer, it is simply a matter of finding and stealing their favorite rides from their owners, and as a result they will get to get their favorite rides. You can drive your sport cars and take off in high speed, roam the streets in your stolen cop cars, explore the water on boats, and take off in your planes with awesome rides. 

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Take on exciting in-game missions

As you progress in the game, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 will offer multiple in-game missions that you will need to pick up and complete to gain your respect and popularity. You’ll find many challenges in this game, including in-game challenges and levels. The game will be enjoyable and rewarding as you complete various missions and quests.

Discover unique abilities to enjoy the game more

In Vegas Crime Simulator 2 , you can now get many unique abilities, which will make the action and adventure gameplay even more interesting. You can find many interesting abilities to add to your heroes in the in-game store.

Move around Vegas Crime Simulator 2 like a superhero with the Magic rope. You can even get into the well-protected military base unscratched with the Magic rope.

The flying mode allows you to soar above the skies and become superman in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 , thanks to the flying ability.

You can now land from any height without damaging yourself if you add landing to your character. It will also make flying and traveling in midair much easier. In addition, you can opt for Super Landing, which will damage enemies around you while protecting you.

As with flying, climbing in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 will also help you travel much more easily on the map. Like Spiderman, you can climb on any vertical structure without any problems.

In Vegas Crime Simulator 2 , users can now perform their super kicks with unbelievable powers, including kicking people, cars, and even buildings up and away as if they were balloons.

Character skins to equip

In Vegas Crime Simulator’s 2 awesome mobile gameplay, you can now equip your characters with a variety of skins in order to enhance your action gameplay. Additionally, they will give your characters a number of awesome powers, and your appearance will also be changed.

Become a giant war machine with the ability to fly and shoot rockets by utilizing the amazing robots in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 . Fight against multiple enemies and defeat them in a row.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2

Those interested in Superman’s abilities can use the Superman skin on Vegas Crime Simulator 2 to give their characters superpowers. More than a few of his abilities can be inherited by your characters when they wear superman costumes.

Enjoy offline gameplay

You can now enjoy offline gameplay in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 anytime, anywhere, even during your daily commute, with the just-released offline mode for Android.

Play for free

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 has many exciting features, but Android gamers can still play it for free. You can play it now.

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While it is free, it contains advertisements and in-game purchases. In this case, you may wish to consider downloading the mod version, which you can unlock all in-game features, and it’s also free to download. In general, you should follow the instructions provided on our website in order to download and install the Vegas Crime Simulator 2. These amazing games have the best gameplay FarmVille 3, Epic Battle Simulator 2

Quality of visuals and sounds


As a result of Vegas Crime Simulator’s 2 beautiful 3D graphics, Android gamers will have fun exploring the city and discovering new things. You can interact with the characters more efficiently due to the details and well-designed characters. Aside from the enhanced visual effects and realistic 3D experiences, the actions should also be much more engaging.

Music & Sound

A powerful audio experience has now been added to Vegas Crime Simulator 2 for Android gamers to enjoy along with interesting visuals. With this title, you can get a kick out of the driving and shootout gameplay. Also, the engaging and addictive soundtrack will make sure that you remain interested in the game.

Final words

If you are a fan of classic gangster simulations, you will be sure to be impressed by Vegas Crime Simulator’s depth and interest in the gameplay. An open-world gangster can take action in epic ways in a city where you may explore at your leisure.

As always, you will find a free and unlocked version of Vegas Crime Simulator on our website that will enrich your gaming experience.