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DeveloperWildlife Studios

About Zooba

You’ll have a blast while you play with the animals of Zooba when they take on their own rebellion against the security. Enjoy the easy and addicting Battle Royale gameplay on Zooba, along with your favorite animals. Take a plunge into thrilling brawls with each exciting character in the game. You must fight to the top and become the last person in the survival game. Gather powerful gear and weapons to increase your odds and give you an edge against competitors. Be part of the Zooba revolution right now!

Enjoy the thrilling and enjoyable fights when you play as different animals sporting attractive looks and facial expressions. You can pick up a selection of weapons to defeat your foes. You can compete against your friends and online players in thrilling PvP battles. Unlock special equipment and abilities to personalize your character, making your character more powerful. Discover hidden levels and challenges that will push you to the limit. Take a journey on an incredible adventure!

Discover more information about the game’s unique features made by Wildlife Studios with our opinions.



Players are part of a group of fascinating animal species in the Zoo as they plot their amazing escape plans to fend off guards as well as compete against each other in thrilling fights. Find yourself playing with various fascinating animals, from a monkey, or a tiger, to even a giraffe or gorilla. Play unique games with each character and customize your characters with unique costumes.

Furthermore, the game offers multiple battlegrounds and a variety of settings for players to take pleasure in. You can pick up the most potent weapons and compete with others with fantastic fun animal feasts at Zooba. Experience more engaging gameplay as you play. Pick from various characters and weapons to form an impressive and unique squad. Gather and improve your troop and battle others to be the greatest champion. With an array of modes to play and challenges, you’re bound to experience fun playing.

In the trendy Battle Royale gameplay, you’ll get to play with other gamers to participate in thrilling multiplayer games where you’ll battle to become the last player remaining. Gather various items and weapons as you take on the challenge. Beware of the fire ring while it slowly creeps up on your position. Utilize your weaponry and equipment to slay your foes and win the battle. Be able to outwit your enemies and use the environment you are in to win. The last standing person will be the one to take home the prize.



You’ll discover all the incredible capabilities which the game offers:

Simple, easy, and addicting gameplay

Enjoy the easy but addictive game with this wild animal on your smartphone. You can quickly master the game through simple instructions and tips from your friend Lion. Utilize the features of the easy and comfortable controls to lead your favorite animals toward success in this epic Battle Royale matchup. Find and unlock a selection of skins that can be customized to your character and help them be different from others. Experience the thrill of battle royale the animals in an enjoyable and exciting setting. You will compete against the other players to become the last left standing and be named the winner.


Select your preferred characters that have unique capabilities.

First, you’ll have access to more than 10 exciting animals, each with unique fighting styles and interesting expressions during the fights. Take on other players like the frenzied lion, the angry gorilla tricky monkey, the clumsy panda, and many more. Take on your foes by claiming your dominance at the Zoo. Use your new popularity to buy new products and upgrade your avatar. Join thrilling and exciting combat to establish your name and be the best zoo player. Demonstrate your skill and show that you’re at the top.


Take part in the exciting and addicting online PvP fights.

Players will likely be playing against various online players as they must fight for the right to be the only one standing. Take on thrilling Battle Royal challenges in your favorite Zoo. Fight against another 19 guards and animals as you attempt to survive. Gather a wide variety of objects and weapons to boost your character. Discover a variety of battlefields using diverse setups. Have fun alongside real players in epic PvP games.

Take advantage of multiple weapons thanks to distinct mechanisms.

In addition, players can pick various guns equipped with distinctive combat techniques to make combat more exciting. You can enjoy playing on your foes at close distances using your formidable shotguns and spears and unleash precise shots far away with your bows and firearms. With multiple guns and a variety of weapons, you can easily swap between various weapons. So that you can play for endless hours through thrilling fights in Zooba. The action only ceases once you’re the sole player still standing.

Strive to become the King of the Zoo.

Take part in this event as you fight to prevail over the rest to be the reigning King of the animal kingdom. Compete against gamers worldwide to fight them to the death in endless games of leagues. Take on multiple obstacles and tasks handed to you with the grace of the King of your own. If you win, you be promoted or take a loss, be patient and wait for a second chance. Find special rewards and items which will help you to reach a next level. Discover new levels and characters on the way, and you can prepare for the reign of the King of the Zoo. Are you ready to face the upcoming challenges?

Participate in team sports with your buddies for maximum fun! You are sure to create unforgettable memories as part of this thrilling activity.

Are You Searching For a Casual Gaming Experience? When looking to play here, there’s the opportunity for casual multiplayer play with friends or other players in a less intense PvP setting. Join colleagues as a formidable group and compete against opponents together; participate in intense PvP matches with fellow players; discover opportunities for collaboration by teaming up against opposing teams with one aim in mind- be that title taken out or simply devise strategies together with team members that help defeat rival opponents; become winners by becoming a most efficient team in your area of competition!

Add your Battle Pass for even more engaging gaming!

Players who maximize their gaming experience should purchase and utilize the V.I.P. Player Battle Pass. Taking on some of the toughest challenges can easily unlock amazing prizes and daily cash prizes – plus exclusive content access and early access for special occasions! V.I.P. Fighter can also access exclusive content early, which gives you a chance to show your skill while showing it off – one reason why Battle Pass has become such a cherished pastime among gamers alike!

Are You Playing Just for Fun?

Zooba provides gamers looking for an accessible, thrilling Battle Royale experience easily and thrillingly. Enjoying it without spending a penny is an absolute pleasure, with many characters and weapons available – providing for an engaging battle royale experience that everyone will love! Multiplayer or free-for-all modes allow gamers to have fun just how they’d like; players of any skill can benefit. Everyone who participates will surely love Zoba!

Experience the joys of gaming while improving your skill.

As part of our effort to help players win, we’ve implemented specific modifications to Zooba Mod A.P.K. that offer a more thrilling gaming experience – like endless cooldown, no cooldown sprints, and other incredible hacks that simplify game challenges! It’s simple – all it takes to become one is downloading ZoobaMod A.P.K on our site, where we promise the ultimate experience awaits. Download now and begin your quest towards becoming Zooba champion! There are plenty of more Battle Royale games for you to check The Walking Zombie 2, and Tank Stars.

High-quality audio and visuals.

Graphics: This game provides fun and simple 3D cartoony graphics in a cartoony style for an engaging gaming experience, including customizable settings to select levels suitable for your device, thus eliminating glitches and stutters from gaming experiences. Customizable features like characters’ skins and controls enable users to tailor images according to personal tastes or preferences. At the same time, levels and challenges keep players entertained and challenged – plus there are achievements/rewards offered throughout each level’s progress.


Unleash the thrill and dynamic audio-based games of Zooba as you lead your players to victory through thrilling battles! Keep an eye out for that little ball so you can hear all the unique creature sounds as the creatures interact, taking you on an entirely new experience; sound quality is excellent when combined with music for maximum atmosphere, making every Zooba experience that much sweeter!

Final decisions

It is a simple, addictive game; Zooba is an excellent game you can play on your smartphone when free. If you’re seeking similar games, look at Brawl Stars or Archero. Both are fantastic games that provide an addictive experience.